: 97 Catera Help please

02-17-11, 07:08 PM
This car has been a nightmare from day one! First off when i bought the car i would not shift out of first gear after being in a front end collision but still had reverse! So i figured i would have a TCM or a Transmission all together! After sending it to a mechanic they figured out it was the transmission and put a rebuilt one in! after the transmission was replaced i guess the battery got disconnected the car would not start! The following parts were replaced fuel pump,fuel filter, ignition module,Ecu,! I have no spark and no 12 volts going to the fuel pump! I had another AC delco mechanic look at it and he said the body cpu and the Ecu are not communicating with each other! He said i have to take it to the dealer to have it flashed is this true! any feed back would be appreciated thanks allot!

02-18-11, 05:57 PM
Sadly the car is a piece of crap. If GM had some credibility, they would offer to buy them back!

Suggestion, have it stall on a set of railroad tracks!

02-18-11, 06:23 PM
The cateras have updates available .. it is a $90 charge to have the car reflashed.. It is unfortunante.. And i am leary that the reflash with do the trick.. it depends on how much more your willing to spend... in case the reprogram does not work.. its a tough call.. I honestly think it should be the responsibility of the mech that did the tranny rebuild.. the car ran and moved when it went in.. and should after a new tranny. But sometimes we find that using a cut rate.. really cost more in the long run.. I suggest calling around to find a mech that is CATERA specific and has Knowledge.. and has worked on them.. thats really the best way to invest more money.

This is coming from somone who has been ripped off.. and others have tried to rip me off.. befor I found a good mech for cateras!!