: 4.5 carb and distributor conversion

02-17-11, 12:50 PM
I am new to this site and am looking gfor some help on converting a 4.5L to carb. I have it in a fiero and want to convert it to carb and know the dist. has to be converted. I found out that you use the internals from an olds dist. but cant find out which cars or years or engines to get the olds dist. from. Can anyone help me on this? Also I think the 500 cfm holley 2 barrell is what most run but has anyone ran a 600 holly 4 barrell? Thanks for any help you can give! Phillip

02-18-11, 09:13 AM
FI is better and it works with our stock setups, so we don't mess with carbs on the 4.x engines...

Would be nice to have the information though, let us know what you find

02-18-11, 09:15 AM
Have you searched the internet? I'm 100% positive a few other Fiero owners have done this already...

02-18-11, 12:12 PM
Yes there are others who have done it but havent been able to find any detailed info on it. As far as the fi working better, I agree but on this particular one its no longer an option for me.