View Full Version : Factory keyless has an alarm on my FWB?????

09-30-04, 09:35 PM
I have the factory keyless entry on my 96 Brougham and the remote doesnt have a panic button or anything like that...just lock/unlock/trunk/dome light

today for the first time...at school when i parked my car and turned the ignition off and pulled the key out, the doors locked on its own. then i unlocked the doors with the door lock switch on the door and then opened it and the alarm/horn started honking...wat the helll!!!?!?! i have an alarm? ive never heard it before and coulnt make it happen again...

does anyone know how to make it go off or atleast arm itself so once the door is locked and someone manually trys unlocking, the alarm goes off? any way of making the remote set off the alarm??

any more info on programming the alarm system?>

10-01-04, 01:18 AM
Sounds like your '96 is the same as my '94 with security system.

You inadvertant security test worked as it should. Somehow the system was armed when you pulled the key out of the ignition. Maybe you hit the lock button without realizing it, but it did get set because all the doors locked. That's not an automatic function with removing the key. Also, I guess it could have been a computer fluke.

Once the doors were locked, you set off the alarm by "manually" opening the door, just as someone breaking into the car would have had to do. I inadvertently set off the alarm from within the car myself the first few days of owning my Fltwd. It was quite a shock, as you experienced.

I don't know of any way to simulate a panic mode with the keyless entry unit we have. My other Fleetwood without a security alarm does have the panic button on the keyless remote unit. I wish the security system were in both my cars.

10-01-04, 02:35 PM
The standard way of inciting the panic function on any alarm is holding unlock for 3-5 seconds.

works on 90% of systems unless they have a separate button for panic mode(which is lame in my opinion)

10-01-04, 03:08 PM
Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try tonight and report back. I figure by now (3 yrs) I would have inadvertently held the unlock key down longer than a few second, but maybe not.

stan c.

10-01-04, 07:05 PM
Result of test: Tried the 3 to 5 seconds unlock on my 95 FWB and nothing happened.

10-01-04, 10:33 PM
Yes, I got the same results trying the lock, unlock, and interior lights buttons. Nothing happened.

Good idea though.

Now I have a question on the remote system without the security system. My other '94 Fltwd. has a different remote unit with panic button, and when locking or unlocking the doors, the horn gives an audible beep. My question is should the lights also flash on this system? Does anyone with a '94 - '96 Fltwd. have the lights flash when using the door lock remote control?

I am curious about this because in the service manual it looks like the lights have a circuit running through the remote entry control module in the back of the car.


10-02-04, 12:00 AM
they should blink teh problem is i am only familiar with aftermarket systems and not much on dealer systems.

BTW do you have any light or so for the alarm?

and have you ever tried locking from the outside in the following pattern?

I believe i read somewhere that if you turn the door lock cylinder twice to lock it then all doors lock or if u turn twice to unlock then all doors unlock and if u lock thsi way it activates the alarm.

This may be unrelated to the fleetwoods but i don't exactly remember where i read this and it may apply.

The best way to test your alarm and how it works is to lower your driver side window and then lock the car and unlock from inside and open door etc.

just try different things and you will get the hang of your alarm.

almost all alarms beep when you try to turn on the car without disactivating the alarm like opening the lock through the window and using key afterwards.

Only way to properly adjust your alarm is through the dealership.

i just remembered I have a Fleetwood service manual i will check if it has anything on the fw alarms if it does i will post whatever i see.