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02-17-11, 12:13 AM
Check out the Lacs and others:


02-17-11, 12:27 AM
Nice find! There goes my evening

02-17-11, 12:35 AM
This gets referenced all the time in the RWD forum. It really is a fun site. :)

02-17-11, 12:45 AM
I have that site bookmarked and check it all the time for updates.

02-17-11, 12:55 AM
Geez, the '07 'Lade was 93,990 Euro in Germany... which at current exchange rates is $127,000.00 US. No telling how much it is now.

02-17-11, 07:42 AM
I've got this site bookmarked as well. I probably stop there once a week or so.

It's funny how many of these brochures I've got in my collection. I'm between 1500 and 2000 total right now.

02-17-11, 06:40 PM
Been on my favorites tab for a while now. I can burn endless amounts of time there.

02-17-11, 07:13 PM
Escalade is $290,731.48 in Denmark.

02-17-11, 09:29 PM
^How much of that is taxes?

02-17-11, 10:15 PM
"Car registration tax of 180% of the car and the VAT (the first 45.000 kr. (6,000 €) are taxed "only" at 90%, and there are deductions for some safety equipment). Note that this includes a "tax tax" because the registration tax is also calculated on the VAT."


02-17-11, 10:49 PM
They really don't want people buying anything over there, do they?

02-17-11, 10:53 PM
When my brother lived over there, he stole bicycles (after his was stolen, I guess they just routinely steal each other's bikes) and rode the bus. The bus apparently operates on some kind of honor system, but he was once cited for not paying his fare.

02-18-11, 09:53 PM
Europe is so quaint. :bigroll:

02-18-11, 11:27 PM
I wonder what an Escalade would cost net in Japan? When I lived there in the late sixties, early seventies there was a Lamborghini like mine advertised on a calendar for the equivalent of $65,000. dollars which would equate to about $650,000. today. I never took my Lambo to Japan, preferring to keep it in Pasadena for use during the one month vacation I had every year.

johnny kannapo
02-19-11, 02:17 AM
The poor caddy didn't do so good in this.


johnny kannapo
02-19-11, 02:22 AM
What can I say, This is too good not to share