: 2000 catera

02-16-11, 11:50 PM
well just bought a 2000 catera and the speedo, trip,odometer does not work and also have the abs traction control and service engine light on and there is a code in the computer and not what the code is would like to know what this could be

02-17-11, 03:53 AM
Do a search for ETCBCM, basically the module that mounts to the side of the abs pump. The part is 900+ to buy but they can be rebuilt. Do an ebay search for "catera abs rebuild" and it should pull up a place that does them for 70ish with lifetime warranty. This is one you want to tackle yourself, otherwise it gets EXPENSIVE at a stealership or shop. Basically the job includes removing the radiator hose and battery to give you room to access the module, then disconnecting the module, then remove the 6 torx screws attaching it to the side of the pump. it can be a little frustrating at points, but not a terrible job.

02-18-11, 06:00 PM
Same here!

Dealer $2300

Have it taken out, sent out, re-built, shipped back, re-installed $425. Mine when to some place in Idaho via fedex. $200 for the rebuild, and $150 for the in and out, then the shipping. Works fine now!

02-18-11, 06:11 PM

Does this link still work?? I saved it a while back.. I think the info is there.. I hope it is for you!!

02-18-11, 06:13 PM


Here is what you need!!! Good luck!

05-28-11, 04:01 PM
well found that it is the transmission speed sensor had the code pulled want to know if it is still the module or just the sensor from what everyone has gone through thank you

07-16-11, 10:36 PM
can this issue also make the leveling light stay on?