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02-16-11, 01:04 PM
Hello Everyone:

This is my first visit here and my first caddy too. I am looking for some feedback on what everyone is using on their interiors of their SRX caddies to clean and protect them. I know that the seats are leather and some parts of the door panel are leather so a good cleaner and conditioner would take care of that but what about the dash with the french stitching and various other parts like the center stack and the trim around it and the vents and around the gages...is that real pearl nickel chrome on plastic or just a high grade of just plastic painted to look like pearl nickel chrome. And I see the real sapele wood trim has some clear coating on it to protect it so maybe some cleaner/polish for plastic or has anyone use a liquid wax to protect the various trim materials. Your thoughts would be most welcomed.


02-16-11, 01:22 PM
Ken......welcome to the forum, and congratulations on your first Cadillac. I also respect your attention to detail. It is always best to help the wife or significant other get centered on the correct product path. Everyone's wives detail their cars, right? :yup: Just what I thought. Neither does mine. :nono:


02-16-11, 02:58 PM
I use Eagle Products all the way around:

Windows: Eagle 20/20 and blue shop towels.
Dash/non leather surfaces/ plastic /door stripping: Eagle Nano Interior protectant - applied by small sponge
Leather surfaces: Eagle Leather Cleaner/Conditioner - applied by microfibre towel

And i tell you! My SRX seats are softer then when she was brand new!! (And the soft touch materials on the dash too!)

Smokin' SRX
02-16-11, 10:32 PM
hi KWP33 and welcome again. Great guys/data found here!

Capts advice is useful as usual. Pls avoid any amonia based product on the wood trim! (like windex) dulls the wood gloss..........

Best wishes!


02-19-11, 03:14 PM
Thanks guys for your quick input......I really do appreciate it.

Thank you