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09-30-04, 07:03 PM
Hi all!

I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone, so you'll know a little bit about me (if you're interested) and introduce my car!

My name is Melody, I'm 23 and a recent college grad. Well...enough about me! Let's talk about my car! :)

I'm a new owner of a 1997 Cadillac Seville STS. I got the car in April after my 70 Chevy Impala was totaled (like the loss of a family member!) Since my Impala was such a great car (close to 300,000 and ran like a dream) I wanted to find another car that was comparable in size and power (can't live without a V8!) I fortunately found my Seville at a great price at a local dealership. I've had to fix a few minor, but expensive, parts...but it has been a dream come true!

I never thought that I'd ever own a Cadillac, or that it would end up being my dream car. The transition from my Impala was a rough one, but owning this car has made it that much easier. Even though it's a little more expensive to maintain a Cadillac (and a bit hard for a recent college grad), it's definately worth it and I'd never give up my car.

This seems like a great place to share stories and get information. I'm glad I stopped by and hope to meet some of you soon! I do have some questions about maintaining leather seats and other odds and ends, so I'll try to find the right place to post it. If that might be a topic you know about, please look up my other posts.

Thanks! ;)


09-30-04, 09:05 PM
welcome to the forum. hope ya dont wreck this car too :canttalk: . hehe. hope you find everything you need on the site. good luck with your car, Cadillacs are the best (just ask anyone on here.) :welcome:

10-01-04, 09:25 AM
Welcome Melody!
Thanks for joining the forum! We are confident that you will be able to find all the information you are looking for. Sounds like a nice 97' STS, when you get a chance post a picture or two (and maybe one of the impala :crying: ).

Leather care is widely talked about in our Appearence and detailing section, it seems that there are as many opinions as there are products. There are a few that pop to the top of the list, are inexpensive and are found in local auto parts stores. The best advice I can give is to read through and find out which ones are NOT for auto leather and avoid products with those ingredients. I love the smell of the interior after I have cleaned and conditioned the leathers. I use Zaino products (a little expensive but worth it to me (http://hcvind.com)). Good luck!

10-01-04, 07:12 PM
Thanks for the welcoming Fleetwood and Paul!

I'm going to take your advice, Paul and read up on leather care before I go out and buy anything. This seems like a really informative site with some great people. I'm glad I decided to stop by and sign up!

So here are some pics of my Caddy! These were taken just after I got it home and washed it up. It was a great day! :banana:

I'll be adding my Impala pictures in the next installment. :helpless:

10-01-04, 07:26 PM
Ok, so here are the pics of my Impala that you asked for. It took a bit of searching, but I managed to find them!

This was a few days after the accident....as you can see, I was rear ended. I was hit by an '83 pickup going 45-50mph while I was at a complete stand still waiting for a car to turn in front of me. Long story short, my car was creamed. In the last picture, you'll see orange rope. That's actually keeping the gas tank on the car (I ended up dragging it and all of its gas 50 feet when I was hit.) :disappoin

It's a shame....I loved that car and it got me all the way through high school and college (in which I drove 60 miles a day for four years).

10-01-04, 08:09 PM
ouch, i would have shot him. you shoulda put some hydraulics in it :eyebrow: :yup: or a set of 20 inch wire wheels atleast. of course if you got hit like that it would not be good. my friend got hit in the back of his Caprice Classic and something sparked and caught the car on fire, burned to the ground. it was kinda funny cause two days earlier i told him one of his hoses were leaking hydraulic oil and he didnt pay attention to me.

10-01-04, 09:03 PM
Very nice STS. I like that color blue. I hope you were not hurt too badly, that was a hard hit! I know first hand what that is like (the bozo who hit me was only doing 30mph) very scary. Good luck with the STS!
PS: Is that an old chevy suburban further up the driveway?

10-03-04, 02:41 PM

I've always wanted a dark blue car, and I finally got it! I've seen other STS's around the valley in different colors...red, green, white. But I like blue the best.

Actually, Paul that's a '68 GMC quarter-ton pickup truck. This pic was taken at my parents' house...we're an old Chevy family..can you tell? :)

10-03-04, 04:59 PM
Hey Paul-

Had a quick question. I was checking out Zaino products to use on my leather. When you use it, do you always use Leather Soft Cleaner first and then Leather in a Bottle, or do you only use Leather Soft Cleaner if and when it's needed on certain areas? My leather seats seem to be in good shape, clean wise, so I'm not sure if I should use the cleaner first. And if you do, does it only go on spots that are needed or on the entire seat, whether it's dirty or not?


P.S. Do you know if S&H is cheaper on the Zaino site or hcvind.com?


10-10-04, 04:30 AM
If your seats are already somewhat clean just run a wash cloth soaked in luke warm water over the seats. It can be really amazing though how the warm water can clean leather. I really really like your STS :thumbsup: you rarely see them in navy blue. Mine to is Navy blue but with a Navy blue interior instead of white. Your Impala looks really nice for a car of its age(minus the wreck), the paint looked perfect. Kinda stinks to see such a nice old car like that creamed :helpless:

I liek your avatar and :welcome: its good to have you on board.

10-10-04, 10:14 AM
To be honest Melody, I haven't tried the Zaino leather products(yet). My brother uses it on his 02 Z06 and loves it. I would first use the Z09 cleaner and then apply the Z10 conditioner. That way you know that you you are conditioning a "clean" surface. As far as pricing goes I directed you to HC because he is a supporting vendor here (and gives a lot to the forum by way of experience and ideas). My kit cost ($9) to ship direct from Zaino. I would imagine that shipping is a fixed cost.