: Front License Plate Holder Removal?

02-15-11, 07:54 AM
Is this thing easy to remove? I guess i'll find out when I remove it this weekend... who was it selling those 'plugs' that fit in those holes that are left behind?

Aren't they color matched?


** BTW, still loving my CTS-V - amazing vehicle.

02-15-11, 09:54 AM
There are four metal rivets holding the mount on. It took me 5-10 minutes with a cordless drill. I spent more time cleaning, buffing and polishing the bumper than getting the mount off.

When I removed mine I got some plugs from O'reilly auto that matched (Black is easy), I don't know where you would find an InfraRed plug. Other people have bought touch up paint and painted their own plugs.