: bad steering wander- can the steering gear box be adjusted

02-13-11, 04:36 PM
my 97 catera has a bad wandering issue while driving i can turn the steering wheel almost a 1/4 turn with no effect on the wheels i am pretty sure it is the power steering box is loose. is there a way to tighten it or do i have to replace it.? thanks for any advise

02-13-11, 11:14 PM
Check your front suspension control arms. Their rear/vertical bushings are designed to add toe-in during braking normally but if they're shot they can do it anytime. The Catera is also prone to "Tram-Lining" or following cracks in the pavement. A good alignment helps but if the bushings are shot it's a waste of money. While you're at it replace the tie rod ends.

Read my article on suspension upgrades for more info.

02-13-11, 11:17 PM
This was a bad idler arm bushing on my car.. and it was fixed as soon as I replaced it.. problem is its around 100$... but works...