: Y'all are gonna hate me for this...

09-30-04, 12:48 PM
I'm the one who started the thread a while back soliciting opinions on whether or not I should sell my '68 and buy something newer like a '93-'96 Fleetwood... The resounding conclusion was to keep the '68.

I'm sorry y'all. But I couldn't resist. I saw it online and I had to jump on it.

I'm in the process of buying a '96 Buick Roadmaster with all the options and only 33k miles. And I'm getting a helluva good price for it...

So... my 1968 CDV is going for sale starting today. I can't afford to pay insurance on two cars and a motorcycle and I need the revenue from the sale of the Caddy to help pay for the Buick.

Someday when I'm old and a little more wealthy (God willing) I'll probably buy another '68, but for now it's not working out.

Anyone in the N. Dallas area shopping for a clean '68 CDV send me a message or reply on the thread. I take really good care of her.

09-30-04, 12:58 PM
Sorry to hear that. You should have opted for the Fleetwood! Stay in the Cadillac family man! But at least it's not a Honda or some other crappy car!

Good luck!

09-30-04, 01:48 PM
I understand the need to sell, you know problems with older cars and all, but can we at least get some pics of the Buick? How much you asking on the CDV?

09-30-04, 02:41 PM

09-30-04, 03:41 PM
I looked a few Roadmasters myself. Almost bought one, so I can't fault you for that purchase.

09-30-04, 04:02 PM
The closest possible car to a Fleetwood is the Roadmaster.
2nd place is a great place to be, especially with low miles and a good price.

09-30-04, 04:22 PM
I'm asking 5500 right now for the CDV. But I'd like to sell it soon so I'm willing to neg. the price around, if need be.

89 D'elegance
09-30-04, 05:49 PM
Roadmasters are great cars, I expecially like the wagons which are almost impossible to find at a decent price with low miles. Anyway, good luck with the Buick and selling your '68.

09-30-04, 06:25 PM
Congrats on your purchase! Sorry to here your selling your caddy though. You could always just drop by and say hellohere and there... Start checking www.impalassforum.com to learn how to mod your 96... The LT1 is a lot of fun!!!

09-30-04, 07:51 PM
cant blame ya for buying it, them Roadmasters are nice :thumbsup: but you still shoulda got a Fleetwood. i can understand if you couldnt find one but damn, i searched for 2 years for my baby. oh well, congrats on the purchase and good luck to ya.

10-01-04, 04:08 PM
forget everything i said. carmax screwed up when "transferring" my buick and sent it to (edit) california instead of to my store. it's gone, someone took it already. so, the cadillac is staying with me indefinitely for now. idiots...

10-01-04, 04:25 PM
good, now you can find a Fleetwood. :yup:

Night Wolf
10-01-04, 08:01 PM
Hey, it is God's way of telling you to keep the Caddy :)

If insurance is the problem... get classic car insurance.. Hagerty.com has it with unlimited millage... I got quoted $120/year for my '79 (gotta wiat until I am 18 next year though)... it is almost next to nothing to keep on the road....

... ins/ for the '79 is $90/yr. now with State Farm (on same plan as my '93 and Olds) but they limit it to 2,000miles/year..... I put 1,100miles on her in 1.5 weeks... but since it isn't a dialy driver, a more realistic number is like 5-6k/yr.... but come July 1st, I am getting Hagerty...

Barry Clark
10-03-04, 09:28 AM
Hey, it is God's way of telling you to keep the CaddyI am not a deist, but I agree here. Keep that old Caddy. As much as I love my '91, there is just nothing like the old ones.

10-03-04, 10:35 AM
Do you stil have a pic of the buick?

10-04-04, 09:28 AM
No, I don't. It was on the Carmax.com website. It was dark blue with dark blue power leather seats. It had only 33k miles on it. I love my Caddy but that would have been fun. So much potential for any number of uses. Plus the benefit of modern abs brakes, an overdrive tranny, fuel injection, cd player, etc.

10-04-04, 04:33 PM
Roadmasters are very nivce looking cars especiallly the 96 good luck, but my 96 STS will still blow it away:)


10-07-04, 01:27 AM
I Been Sniffin Around That Model ! When Did They Go (anyone) To Unleaded Gas ???????????? How Long Have You Had It And What Seems To Go First ? Have You Had Trouble Finding Parts ? It's A Fine Looking Car And I'm Interested In Any Other Comments. Thanks, Don