02-12-11, 03:57 PM
Spilled drink on the gear and now its stuck inorder for me to shift it i gotta put alot of force. So now the black cover is rotating to the point Im seeing inside of the car and seeing a spoon shape hole. I have to use a pen to rotate the spoon shape hole to the top inorder to shift. How can I fix this..please help!

02-12-11, 07:21 PM
Been there, done that!

Its simple--use a thin screwdriver or putty knife and wedge it down between the wood trim and the cupholder and pry it up gently. The entire wood trim piece around the gear shift, including the ashtray lifts out as one piece. BUT don't lift it to far up as the plugs for the traction control switch and cigarette lighter aren't very long, just be sure to unplug them.

02-15-11, 09:15 PM
Had this problem with my 2000 Deville DTS. Gear lever stuck in Park. When the problem first started, the gear shifter began to be stiffer to move out of P. It finally got to where it wouldn't move. I was out rocking the car, etc, to get it to shift. I finally discovereed a small trap door under the rubber storage container at the front of the console just ahead of the shifter. It is access to the safety interlock mechanism which is causing the inability to get the lever out of park. Looking into the hole with the little pop off cover, you'll see an orange bracket device. Reach in with a narrrow screw driver and gently push forward on it. If it moves forward slightly, it'll release the interlock and the gear stick will move freely. Just don't force anything. Your situation may be different as you actually spilled something into it. Mine was the interlock. I guess I should have read the owner's manual, as there was a brief write up about it in there. Good luck.