: 2011 DTS? Changes? Special Editions? Final run?

02-12-11, 03:12 PM
New user here. Read the forum a lot, so figured I might as well jump in.
I'm the happy owner of an '08 DTS Platinum Performance Edition. Great car, and hate to see the demise of the traditional, large, V8 Cadillac. I love (and have had) other Cadillacs for sure, but this one is pure Cadillac luxury, with the right amount of performance to keep a middle-aged guy like me happy. While I really don't want to trade, I'm also not sure I want to wait until I can no longer get another one, and be left with only the new XTS as an option, which looks like a nice car, but I still want the V8 and DTS-size proportions. A few questions maybe some other forum members can help answer:
1. When does the 2011 DTS production end, and further, is it for sure that 2011 is the end, or is their still a possible extension into 2012? If 2011 is the end, how late can you still order and get one?
2. Has anyone heard of any other "special edition" beyond the Platinum and Performance packages currently offered? Cadillac has often done that on final runs on other models.
3. Can anyone give a definitive answer on WHY Cadillac chose to eliminate the great rear sunshade after 2008? Absolutely crazy, given other high-end competitors continue it. Anyone heard of a way to transfer it from their existing model, or special order it?
4. I know the '11 model has the Bluetooth connectivity (finally), but does that also support iPod/iPhone, or do you still have to use the clunky cord connection?
5. This isn't about the '11 model, but I've read other forum posts on the degradation of the entry/exit seat memory settings. I couldn't believe when I started setting mine a couple of years ago when new how "dumb" it was relative to my previous Cadillac. If anyone with a brain from Cadillac reads these forums, please, get this right in all of your models. Ridiculous.

If any other forum members are like me and interested in potentially getting in on the last of the DTS line (particularly on one with all of the options), please respond here with thoughts and insight. Thanks!

02-12-11, 07:21 PM
It wouldn't surprize me to see a final "Commemorative Edition" DTS. Probably a Platinum edition with special dash plaque and maybe a special color combo.

02-12-11, 09:03 PM
According to the person at the local car show, DTS and Northstar engine production will both end June of 2011. The current 2011 DTS will be replaced with a 2012 XTS with a 320 HP V-6. No literature is available on the XTS as it has not yet been officially announced by GM.

02-14-11, 05:57 AM
Ah, broke your promise to stay off the DTS board already I see.

02-14-11, 08:20 AM
Ah, broke your promise to stay off the DTS board already I see.

He loves us so much... he just couldn't help himself... :)


02-14-11, 09:31 AM
According to the person at the local car show, DTS and Northstar engine production will both end June of 2011. The current 2011 DTS will be replaced with a 2012 XTS with a 320 HP V-6. No literature is available on the XTS as it has not yet been officially announced by GM.

Northstar production ended last July.

DTS is in build out mode, which means factory will quit building when warehoused parts are exhausted, which should occur sometime this spring. The plant is already building the Volt on one line, and the DTS/Lucerne line will be converted to produce the next gen Malibu. A sad end to what was built to be the Cadillac plant of the future (in the late 70s) will now be building Chevrolets exclusively.

Cadillac is going to let the DTS quietly sail into the sunset.

XTS has been delayed indefinitely based on feedback from dealers and loyal customers who universally panned the car. After the STS fiasco of the last few years, dealers knew there was NO WAY they could sell a big Cadillac with a V6 under the hood, no matter how powerful it might be. And we loyal customers reminded Cadillac that they tried the same thing in 1985 and look what happened then.

While the Coupe has created buzz for the CTS line, and the SRX is selling in decent numbers, these are dark days for Cadillac what with the DTS dead and the redesign of the Escalade pushed back at least a year, Cadillac won't be selling any REAL Cadillacs for some time.

02-14-11, 10:34 PM
I just got a reply from Cadillac to my email asking if they were going to have a "Commemorative Edition" of the last DTS series.

Dear Mr. Smith,

Thank you for contacting Cadillac and for your interest in the 2011 DTS! We appreciate the time you have taken to write us.

Unfortunately, there are no plans to produce a Commemorative Edition of the Cadillac DTS. The 2011 model year will be the last model year for the Cadillac DTS. To keep updated with our vehicles, please visit http://www.cadillac.com.

At Cadillac, we strive to provide exceptional customer service. If we can be of any further assistance please email us or call 1-800-333-4223, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am to 9pm Eastern Time, and Saturday 9am to 6pm. Thank you for contacting Cadillac!


The Cadillac Marketing Team

You have received this e-mail advertising GM products and services in response to your recent request for vehicle information. Please visit http://www.gmcontactpreferences.com to opt out of receiving future e-mail messages from General Motors.

General Motors Corporation, 100 Renaissance Center, 482-MAR-100, Detroit, MI 48265

02-15-11, 12:09 PM
I didn't promise to stay away from this web site. I promised not to read a particular thread again; which I have done. Get your facts straight.

Lev Blekher
02-24-11, 12:52 AM
I really hope they offer a V8 in the XTS. I can understand the V6 being the mass-market choice, but with so many great V8s they need to make it an option. We loyal fans should tell them.

02-24-11, 06:05 AM
Well, considering that it took Cadillac 12 years to get the Northstar right (headgasket issues) I am in no hurry to get a XTS with some new high tech motor. Oh I'm sure it will be fine for the first 3-4 years for the new car buyer, but for those of us who cannot afford brand new, we need a 3 yr old, off-lease car that will hold up for 4 more years without any major failures.

Lev Blekher
02-24-11, 08:14 PM
Ya that's true. Well years from now if I don't a 2011 or 2012 DTS Platinum I'll get a CTS-V coupe, unless there is an XTS V8.

02-25-11, 11:09 PM
I'm sad to see the K-body go. My favorite Cadillacs were built on that platform. America's last full size American car (Town Car will be gone this year too) deserves a more fitting end.

04-16-11, 04:37 PM
An overdue response, but thanks to those who provided some input on this topic. I'm still just amazed that Cadillac is going to let the current DTS ride off into the sunset without a proper send off edition. Of course, I'm still amazed that they really think the XTS is going to fill the bill as their top/largest model. I'm not saying the XTS won't be a nice car. Just clearly not the same, and not up to the image of representing Cadillac's top/largest model. Given the demise of the DTS and the Town Car, anyone have any idea what limo companies are going to use in the future?

04-16-11, 07:31 PM
I have read at GMInsidenews.com that XTS is still not an official name....Cadillac may stay with the DTS name. It has not been officially announced.

04-17-11, 06:55 PM
Hmm, that is possible. The email reply I got from Cadillac did deny that there was a 2012 XTS and that the XTS was just a show car.

Maybe it was just a styling exercise to work on a new DTS?

04-22-11, 09:16 AM
Well I just saw the XTS on cadillac's official website and I can say that the interior of that car puts my 2011 DTS to shame. It has the interior that I expected to get buying a $55k vehicle. Almost enough to say I'll trade it in next year. But then I look at the exterior and it looks like a really plain CTS. It definitely does not have that "commanding" presence the DTS has. My car turns a lot of heads when I drive by and I don't really see that happening with this XTS. Seems to be paralleled along the lines of the Lincoln MKZ.