: Anyone with a downloaded manual?

02-12-11, 11:57 AM
I had started a thread "Location of PCM and connectors" but it looks like the thread got corrupted. I'll try a new one.
I had downloaded a manual from Tradebit.com and the manual is missing all of the diagrams in the "Electrical Component Locator" section. I've also found a reference to a section titled "Engine Controls - 5.7L" that I can't find.
Anyone willing to share these sections?
Thanks to darkman for posting the PCM location section in the old thread! Found the PCM and the problem.

02-12-11, 01:13 PM
If you have your confirmation code they'll probably let you download it again if it hasn't been too long since you purchased, just tell them it got corrupted.

my engine controls pdf was misspelled as 5.7L EBGINE, a 17Mb file. Electrical component locator is 770k. when I am close to my pc again I can send you a snip of the page you need, otherwise i'm sure darkman will swoop in here and sew this one up.