: Classic road and gas station signs for auction

02-12-11, 12:14 AM

Go here: http://www.premierauctioncenter.com/

Scroll to about halfway down. That's when most of the automotive stuff begins.

I want this:

and this:

I hope the eggs aren't still in here: :eek:

02-12-11, 11:26 AM
Does that ever bring back memories - I want the two one-quart oil bottles with metal spouts. We used to refill a dozen each Saturday morning - from the red or green hand-operated bulk oil pumps also shown for sale - and sit them in carriers of 6 quarts next to each gas pump. Straight 30 weight oil, nothing else.

02-12-11, 12:36 PM
When I was three or four I lusted after a peddle car of my own! Headed my Christmas list until I couldn't fit in one anymore. Never found one under the tree. So since I never got a peddle car of my own I made several "pushmobiles." Since I lived on a steep hill these "gravity" powered cars were great fun! The first ones had foot assisted rope steering, the later ones actually had steering wheels. While my friends and I wished to build real regulation "Soap Box Racers" (parts available at your local Chevy dealer!), our fathers were too busy building America in the 1950's to give us the necessary help with one of these cars.

I found a fifties vintage peddle car (all metal including steering wheel) at a garage sale and bought it and restored it as a Christmas present for my three year old son. It was a fire engine and came equipped with wooden ladders and a chrome bell. I repainted it and got gold decals for "Fire" lettering on the sides. I also bought one of those fireman's hats with the siren and a flashing red light on the top. It was great fun restoring it and keeping it under raps out in the garage till Christmas morning. I think my son really liked his shiny newly painted red fire truck .... although underway with siren wailing and red light flashing I am not sure the dogs thought all that highly of it!

02-14-11, 09:55 AM
Jesda, I think American Pickers is hiring?