: catera front rotors warping suggestions?

02-11-11, 07:16 PM
I installed new rotors 18 months ago, at 122K and now have 131K on the car, and the front rotors are warped.. shake really good when slightly applied, and are fine when I apply hard.

I assume I will replace the rotors.. are there any suggestions as wo what rotors to get?? I dont wanna spend a fortune... just hoping for a simple suggestion.

The car is still giving an exaust aroma inside the car when I first start in the morning.. Im gonna have that checked also.

thanks guys.

02-11-11, 07:22 PM
as to the rotors It might be worth investing in some good ones I know I am these cars are hard on them and tires.

As to the exhaust didnt see you last thread Im sure someone mention cleaning/replacing the cabin air filters

02-12-11, 02:51 AM
Oreilly auto has a set that come with lifetime. ;)

02-12-11, 06:47 AM
thanks for the tips. I ordered a cabin air filter just now. I have a new reg air filter I will change at same time. maybe Ill get the new gto spoiler installed too finally!! its een cold in Rochester NY.. -0 last few mornings.

02-12-11, 11:17 AM
Before spending on new rotors try rotating your tires. I used to feel the same thing but when spring came and I put my summer tires/wheels on the pulsing went away. Could be that the difference in heat expansion rates between the steel rotors and alloy wheels allow the lug bolts to "creep" in their holes and apply stress that causes the rotors to feel warped. Putting a different wheel on seemed to relieve that stress, or at least redistribute it. Either way my pulsing disappeared. Maybe even loosening and retorqueing the wheels might do the trick.

When I upgraded my brakes I installed Brake Performance slotted/dimpled zinc coated discs. Lifetime guarantee and free shipping. They even toss in the pads for free. They stop great and look great too. (no affiliation, I'm just a happy customer)

https://brakeperformance.com/images/products/cart-rotor-slotted-crossdrilled-black.jpg (http://brakeperformance.com/brake-rotors/Premium-Dimpled-and-Slotted-Brake-Rotors.php)

02-14-11, 11:13 PM
Check out your ball joints, idler arm and tie rods. My guess- ball joints

02-18-11, 06:01 PM
Made in China crap?

02-18-11, 06:31 PM
thanks guys.. My mech suggests centric?? I guess he says they are pretty decent.. its deffinantly the rotors.. they are way bad now!.. and I changed air and cabin filter.. think the old one was dirty?? opps.. my bad on maintannce.. ha

02-19-11, 09:35 AM
brakeperformance.com rotors are good. I have them too, just the slotted ones.

02-21-11, 11:41 PM
My ex's Galant warped rotors in 3k miles. Never failed. Threw a set of Ceramic pads on, never had a problem again. Ceramic pads are the best!

02-22-11, 07:12 PM
I do have ceramic pads on the car. I have oem rotors on the rear they were fine.
the new rotors were installed today.. $136 for the 2 rotors. the old ones were pitted severly. the new ones have a 2 yr warranty.

thanks for everyones input.