: HID Help..

02-10-11, 01:08 AM
i want to put HID's on my 05 CTS....are dere any suggestions on which i should buy?...and also, if i wanted to installl a bulb on my 2005 CTS would i need to remove the entire headlamp unit?...1 more question...my headlamps are "cloudy" and foggy on the inside...is dere n e thing i can do to remove dat fog, or wud i have to buy new headlamps??...

02-10-11, 07:56 PM
We have kits for that vehicle. No extra harnesses are required so you simply need to order the kit in the bulb type you require for your headlights. I believe you have to pull the headlights out of the car on that vehicle due to space limitations. The haziness and fog can be cleaned up with a headlight restoration kit such as the Mother's product with the power ball you install on a drill. I have used it and it works very well. If the haziness is on the inside you will need to pull your headlight apart to do this. You may also want to see if Cadillac has a warranty on that as personally I would consider that a safety issue.


02-11-11, 11:17 AM
would it matter if i get the 35W kit or the 55W kit??....whats the difference?....ohh nd thanx for da suggestions...:D

02-14-11, 06:43 PM
The 55w kit is 35-40% brighter than the 35w kit. It is really a matter of your preference whether you want the extra light. I run 55w kits on my vehicle's including a 1986 BMW E30.