: Surprised new owner

09-29-04, 09:04 PM
I just purchased a 98 Seville SLS from a local used car dealer. The car is was owned by two local people before I purchased it. I was given all the service records from the previous owners. Much to my horror the car still suffers all the problems that the original owner brought to the dealer he purchased it from. The second owner brought the car to the dealer for the same problems and even to other shops to have fixed. Now I am stuck with the problems that should have been fixed under warrenty. One of the problems is that the cars front end shakes between 60 and 70 mph. The dealer did balance and rotate the tires multiple times and amazingly this did not fix the problem. IN OTHER WORDS THEY COULD NOT FIGURE OUT IT WAS NOT THE TIRES. Another problem is the radio does not pick up local radio stations. They installed a radio booster, amazingly this did not fix the problem. They could not figure out the radio is bad. Amazing. The traction controll light comes on freqently. The car has had THREE (3) front right rotors replaced, another problem brought to the dealer for warrenty work.
There are more problems but the point is that the dealer Bob Trickett Cadillac in Clarksburg WV did nothing but what they had to to get the car out of warrenty. Now I am stuck as were the previous owners with a car that should have been serviced properly. You may want to contact Bob Trickett Cadillac and ensure they have a warrenty service crew that is willing to ensure there customers are treated to what they deserve, CUSTOMER SERVICE.