: Can the "break-in adaptation period" be redone?

02-08-11, 05:43 PM
everyone knows about the SRX learning your driving style for the first few thousand miles.

i love my car. i'm at about 6500k right now. but due to an injury, my wife and employees had driven me around for almost all of the first 3000 miles.

i just can't escape the feeling that the car was never "tuned" for me properly and i missed that golden opportunity. i know it's a bit silly, but as serious as many of us in this forum are about our cars, i know that some of you understand where i'm coming from. the car feels like a glove to me, but theoretically, it could be better.......

my dealership is 2 hours away, and if this is even possible, i'm sure it would have to be re-programmed. but, i'm curious if anyone even knows if it's possible to put it back into training mode. GMJim, Sube, Smokin'? any thoughts?

02-08-11, 06:27 PM
To my knowledge, this is not something that is published as a DIY. In fact, I doubt that even the dealership will admit to being able to do it (if they can). However, I do believe that if it's possible that this should be something Caddy makes available to the user. What if I drove like grandpa then had a midlife crisis and decided I wanted to drive like a bat out of hell? I'm stuck in grandpa mode as the SRX currently exist. Does anyone actually believe that the SRX does in fact really "learn" your driving style and act accordingly? I have yet to experience this.

wag 42
02-08-11, 06:44 PM
Usually you just need to remove the negative battery cable for about 30 minutes. I read this on another forum I belong to. It is usually done after adding mod's to a vehicle.

02-08-11, 07:24 PM
I think it should adapt constantly to your driving style. I drove low and slow for the first 5000kms, and it was nice. Then drove more aggressive for 10 000kms, and it adapted. Lately i have been driving more... slow, and it has smoothed out again. :D

02-09-11, 08:20 AM
I think it should adapt constantly to your driving style.

I tend to agree. I was never under the impression that this "learning mode" was a permanent thing. It should continuously adapt to your driving mode. If it seems like it's in grandma mode now, after you've driven it for a while it should adapt to your particular style of driving.

Of course, there's no scientific foundation for this assumption. Just my personal opinion of how I think it works. It just wouldn't be logical if it adapted only one time. What would happen when you sold the car? Would the next owner be stuck in your driving mode? That wouldn't make much sense.

I have no idea about the removing the battery terminal idea. If you try that, just be advised you're likely to lose a host of other personalized settings as well.


Smokin' SRX
02-09-11, 01:32 PM
Hey Kev, Yes, there is some data about our Adaptive Tranny and your "assumptions" are spot on, Sube/others. On page 19 of the 2010 SRX Brochure it refers to "analyzing driving style" for optimum shift points. I had a 2008 Enclave (also 6 speed auto) and it's owners manual had some data on it also. I've also read this in Motor Trend or Road & Track in the past, for sure.

I must believe this is an on-going process or the car could never be re-sold! I recall they said it took a few hundred miles or so? And you could dis the battery for 30 seconds, but yes, as stated above, many other pre-sets may be lost. However the driving algorithms analysis would start almost immediately, then. Ya in a hurry? LOL


02-09-11, 01:48 PM
here's my theory--

think of a bell curve. if i start off fresh on a new car, i will begin building up a set of variables correlating to my driving habits that will soon turn into some sort of bell curve. the car starts "learning" this curve and how i do things. as the time goes on, the bell curve basically becomes more cemented into place as the data fills it in more and more. so there's a LOT more data, but the general curve will still remain, let's say "within a 95% confidence interval".

now, each one of us has OUR OWN bell curve. and the idea remains the same across time. however, each driver's curve will differ from each other, and THAT'S why i feel that the car started with my wife's driving habits, not mine.

however, if the car does indeed CONTINUE TO LEARN, eventually the curve will move back to my style of driving. but i had only ever heard or read that it was a feature of the early mileage of the car, so i don't know if it is still learning. if it is, we're all good, and it will always change with us. if not, then we should all be resetting the feature (if possible) on, let's say, an annual basis.

i believe that deconstructs how this probably works. the one positive note is that one thing that i NEVER heard is something like, "5000 miles is the end of the learning curve". so perhaps it does monitor forever.

02-09-11, 03:13 PM
Time for all of us to start exercising the accelerator and planting the tachometer against the red line. No looking at the gas gauge, avg. miles per gallon, instant mpg, distance to empty, or gallons used. Don't even look at the trp odometer when refueling. :lildevil:


02-09-11, 06:01 PM
I love the bell curve. :cheers:

02-09-11, 06:55 PM
cheers, Cap!!