: Top Gear at VIR

02-08-11, 12:20 AM
Who's silver V was on Top Gear at VIR?

02-08-11, 07:04 PM
There was also a white V2

02-08-11, 07:15 PM
If there was a V1, I completely missed it! I'm going to have to re-watch that segment.

02-08-11, 07:48 PM
The V1 was a quick glimpse of the front behind one of the Top Gear cars, looked like coming out of the pit or starting area. Also looked like it had some sort of graphics n the windshield too if I remember correctly

DDS rollin a CTS
02-09-11, 01:26 AM
I couldnt figure out which episode you guys were talking about so I had to go back and check it out. It was season 15, episode 7 that they went to VIR. I could see a white V2 dueling with a corvette, and a silver V1. The V1 definately was not a road-going car as it was fully decked out in graphics, I think I could see a roll cage, and it had significantly flared fenders.