: Every thing going wrong with the Cadi

02-07-11, 07:20 PM
my 2003 Escalade

So last week my heater control module went out on me. Too make matters worse it was probably one of the coldest days all year -6.

Then yesterday somebody broke my window on my truck and stole my girls purse. Then too make matters worse here besides all of are credit cards and check book being stolen. My extra key fob was in the purse.
You probably wonder why the purse was in the truck. We took my son sledding and that was probably the safest place for it. It was also broad daylight 2 pm with about 30 other people around.

So I got my window replaced @ my house today. Leave too pick up my son and tested the window it barley even rolls up. Not very happy I call Safelite Auto Glass let them know of the problem.
Scheduled to come look at tomorrow. Then after 2 hours at the dmv getting her new license, my girl is like why is the window switch keep popping out. I get home look at the door panel he broke the piece that holds the window switches and upon further inspection I find a door panel screw missing (found on the floor) and bent speaker grill. The guy that put the window in tried prying the speaker grill. :banghead:
Oh... and he scratched the door jam.

Whats next....


02-07-11, 07:38 PM
Safelite kind of sucks. They use terrible glass too.