: Id like to apologize to anyone i may have afended during my Back and fourth's

02-06-11, 01:28 PM
I just wanted to put this out there to apologize for any of the back and fourth bickering that i and another member hear have been back and fourth bickering
well i cant apologize for them but im sure they might feel sorry for having to make you listen to it also if not well then thats just there problem
but anyways
im sorry for the back and fourth bickering between me and another member her i should not have let it go as far is it did to where it upset me and i couldnot keep ignoring Him anymore

im not in any ways saying that me beign Bipolar or having touret syndrome is any excuse for what has goen back and fourth i tired to ignore it for a day but i could not anymore and i may have been rude and said some things that might have afended others her

if so i apologize for secluding you to any of that

and to the one who you know who you are
please im requesting that you nock it off leave me alone please
this is a place for fun loughts and good times and serious help and time to chat with friends and fellow owners

Thank you