: Starts Everytime! Doesnt respond to Accelererator pedal? HELP!!

02-05-11, 04:57 PM
2000 Catera has no to very slow response to accelerator pedal? A fellow Cadillackian mentioned power down mode. If so how do I snap her out? My TC (traction control?) light came on when this happened but a week or two before the "S" light did start flashing and the car started loosing power.

I had a Mechanic hook it up to check the codes and only one that came up was for the tail light. which I did break when closing the trunk (tail light on trunk door).

One day went to go and it wouldn't it would jump forward loose power jump forward and so on. I limped it back to the driveway and there she sits. No to slow reaction to depressing the accelerator pedal, but never opens all the way up.

In order to "try" and fix the problem:
(still not fixed so if your having this prob skip my post and look at responses maybe we will get lucky)

I opened the spark plug housing both sides pooled with oil
I used a compressor and rags to blow the oil out, then followed it up with
some parts cleaner and repeated the process.

Removed the Valve Covers and replaced the gaskets (New)

Replaced the plugs (New)

Replaced the Throttle Body (New)

Unplugged the MAF sensor (Test)

Reset the Throttle Position by leaving the key on for a few

Started right up, but same problem no or slow reaction to gas pedal never opens up all the way.

Its been two weeks and I start it everyday and it hasn't snapped out of it. Reprogram the CPU now? or is there something else I should do first? I know there is an accelerator pedal sensor somewhere under the dash by the gas pedal does anyone know if its that cigarette sized box with a wire harness pluged in? I cant see any picks any where. I wouldnt think so looks more like another little computer.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

02-05-11, 05:58 PM
Man, you have to stop posting the same thing multiple times. As i replied to your other post... Your Throttle body has to be reprogramed at a GM dealership. you have a Drive by wire throttle body.. the computer sends the signal.. if you changed your throttle body and have not programed it that is why your car will not respond. It is about a $90 fee to have it programed.

Clean your old Throttle body, reinstall it.. and see if the car responds. ... If not.. the car has to go to the dealer to reprogram the new Throttle body. While your at it you can have the main computer reprogramed as well.. they have updates if you have not already had it done.

02-05-11, 06:10 PM
thanx im new to this and wasnt very thorough. So if the first one was bad changing it doesn't fix it alone you have to have it programmed gotcha