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02-04-11, 12:00 AM
i was going to sign papers for a 2011 srx tomorrow, and just read around the internet, 2012 with new engine and maybe tweaked luxury appointments,( heated steering wheel, etc)
should i be concerned with the engine change?...or luxury tweaking...?
when would 2012 be available?,,,,
thanks guys.

02-04-11, 12:33 AM
i was going to sign papers for a 2011 srx tomorrow, and just read around the internet, 2012 with new engine and maybe tweaked luxury appointments,( heated steering wheel, etc)
should i be concerned with the engine change?...or luxury tweaking...?
when would 2012 be available?,,,,
thanks guys.

No, it's not something to be concerned with. Which model you get depends on how patient you are. If I was in your position, I would probably wait, but that's just me. I always like to be on the cutting edge and have the latest, greatest technology. The 2010 was just that when I bought it. If I knew something even better was right around the corner, I'd probably have waited. But I wouldn't exactly call two years right around the corner. However, the problem with that logic is this. That's the nature of cars. There's ALWAYS something newer and better right around the corner. If you take that approach, you'll never buy anything. Whenever you do buy it, there's something better just getting ready to come out. It's a losing battle.

Why don't you do this. Research exactly what new features the 2012 models will have and then decide whether or not those features are deal breakers.

I'm not sure if this answers your question. Maybe I've only added to your confusion. :bonkers:


02-04-11, 12:38 AM
when do 2012's usually come out?

02-04-11, 12:48 AM
when do 2012's usually come out?

It varies. It's hard to know for sure. When it's a completely redesigned model like the 2010 was, they can release it as early as June. The 2012 will be a simple update from an existing design, so I don't expect that. I'd say probably August or September. Just keep searching online. The closer it gets to the release date, the more reports you'll start to hear and the more accurate those reports are likely to be.


02-04-11, 08:14 AM
Thye did the same thing with the CTS. I belive they started with a 2.8 engine, then moved to a 3.2, and then to a 3.6. I still see plenty of the earlier cars with the smaller engines running around. Like Sube said, it just depends on what you want, and if you are willing to wait. I bet the 2013 model will have teleportation built into the Nav system, or something else almost as exotic, so you might want to wait for it also. If you keep waiting for the newest stuff, you will never buy a car, so pick your posion and go with it. The 3.0 is a good engine with enought power for the vehicle, no matter what some might say. Is it a race car, no, but it has plenty of power for freeway and city driving.

02-04-11, 11:23 AM
I have found the 3.0 engine is totally adequate for all kinds of driving and all kinds of terrain, whether your drive with one or two or your family and luggage. Depending on how you drive, the mileage is fine for a heavy vehicle like the SRX. It beats many older cars in that department, hands down.

Nobody can tell you "when" to buy, but there is always the unknown. GM is not hurting when it comes to selling SRX's...therefore, it is totally probable a price increase will occur in the next model year, as it did for the 2011's over the 2010's. Nobody knows what the engine MPG will be, but it may not be any better than the 3.0.

Buying a car is much like buying a computer. What you bought today will be "newer, better, improved" in a year from now, but the incremental advantages are hardly noticeable. The majority of the contributors to the SRX forum who have 2010-2011 vehicles are satisfied with their purchases. if you can wait until the last quarter, the 2012's will be out, but you need to consider what plusses or minuses you may face considering costs and performance...and at this time, nobody can say for certain what those numbers will be.

02-04-11, 02:32 PM
I hear the 2037 SRX will finally be the flying car maybe you should wait.

02-04-11, 07:00 PM
Check out General Motors Cadillac SRX clone. Saab crossover that is based on the SRX. Saab 9-4X will be available summer of 2011. More information at www.saabusa.com

02-04-11, 09:43 PM
You've driven the '11 with it's spunky 3.0, so what is worth waiting on? The new engine will be somewhat more responsive and perhaps, get slightly better mileage. As mentioned above, there will always be new features but, you could be driving a new SRX tomorrow........Best of luck with the decision....

Marc NY
02-05-11, 04:14 PM
It varies. It's hard to know for sure. When it's a completely redesigned model like the 2010 was, they can release it as early as June. ...
SubeSince the 2012 is merely a continuation of the previous current model it should be out right after a normal GM Change Over period is over. Traditionally Change Over is the first week or two in July and the dealers would start to get their new models in late July or early August.

As far as the earliest a New Car Model can come out? It is the fist part of the new year. Meaning January 2011 would be the earliest a car company can introduce their 2012 MY new model. They can make them earlier but must store them at the plants before they can release them to their dealerships.

Conversely a car company can not make a current (MY) Model Year i.e. 2011 past December 31, 2011. The latest I have seen a MY introduced was a 2003 Chevrolet SSR. The production started up in September of 2003 and finished the 2003 MY in a very short time frame... the 3rd week of December. On January 1, 2004 started the new MY for 2004 SSR. BTW: That 2004 MY in January was the second latest start-ups for a new MY that I can recall.

NOTE: You may wonder why didn't GM just make the 2003 a 2004 MY? It was because Chevrolet publicly announced they were going to make a 2003 SSR, and they also had promised their early order customers that they would indeed commit to making a 2003 MY SSR.

02-05-11, 07:15 PM
i like your comment cadillacyakyak

02-20-11, 04:35 PM
i like your comment cadillacyakyak

OP, I would defiinitely wait if you have concerns about it. The 2012s will be on the lots in July which is only 5 months away. There are also sure to be some other improvements and I bet any production issues found with the '10s and '11s should be addressed.
keep in mind that the 3.6L will have at least 34 more hp at a lower more usable rpms AND that it will also have a least 50more tq at a lower more usable rpm.
So around town it will feel a little more urgent and passing on a 2 lane rural road will be a little more relaxed and quicker.
Another point is that if you want to optimize gas mileage, acceleration and braking go with the smaller wheel package. 20s can really hurt in that regard compared to an 18" or other wheel size.
I would doubt that the 3.6L will get worse gas mileage since it won't hunt for gears as much and I have a 3L in my CTS and it is not exactly a mileage champ.

There is only one possible negative I can think about waiting for the 3.6L. One of the better things about the 3.0L in the SRX is that is has a 3.31 gear ratio which helps acceleration over the GMC Terrain and Chevy Equinox. GM could put the 3.6L in and take out the 3.31 gear and put in something taller that could hurt acceleration and "help" hwy mileage(more gear hunting I think). So if they do put an ultra tall 2.77 gear like what is in the Terrain/Equinox you could always go back and buy a '11 SRX with the 3.0L.

I am doubtful GM would do that because the first gen SRXs with the 3.6Ls actually had short 3.73 gearing.

Smokin' SRX
02-21-11, 08:24 PM
I personally would wait if possible. I had the 3.6 in an '08 Enclave and it was quick for a 5,000lb sled. Now that 3.6 eng is Direct Injected for even more power! While the 3.0 IS adequate I find it noisier than desired, as I must really step into it for the amount of motivation I want from it. Higher rpm's =more noise, almost every time. But that's me.

All subjective stuff, but this isn't.........check the 0-60 times for the SRX (8.4 secs) vs: Lexus Rx350, Bmw X-3, Accura MDX/RDX,Audi Q-5,Kia Sorento, Lincoln MKX,Toyota Highlander, Volvo X60/X90 , Chevy Equinox and you'll see SRX runs about dead last. Often by a lot! It's not the eng, it's the 4500lbs! So decide what matters to you, then TEST DRIVE, Test drive again.

Honestly, it's so damn attractive I could have (and did) go without even the Turbo! LOL


02-22-11, 08:55 AM
A couple other advantages of waiting until the 2012s start hitting the lots in August..........you get a model year newer (depreciation expense saved on the back end) and the dealers seem to be very "motivated" right at every August month end during the model year changeovers. When they have both the 2011s and the 2012s on the lot.

Smokin mentioned something that is important to me with his 0-60 mph performance figure where the 2011 SRX is "about dead last" comment versus the competition. b4z mentioned the additional horsepower and torque figures for the new base engine where the peaks on both come in at lower RPM, the more relaxed approach to the quickness element. And as Sube mentioned, you get the additional features and the latest/greatest.

I'd wait, unless you need to move a vehicle out of your fleet sooner than August.


02-23-11, 01:23 PM
I would have waited if I could have.