: Introduction and desperate for some help

Donald Merrill
02-03-11, 10:40 PM
Let me start off by saying, Hello everybody, I hope your caddies are in better shape then mine. I have a 94 deville, for the past few weeks it has been accelerating very sluggish, and the car shakes a lot. Once in a while it will drive perfectly, but only for a bit. Just yesterday the car decided to quite shifting. By this I mean it would accelerate through first and into second. Nothing after second. The car shifts into park and reverse just fine, but once put into drive it reacts awfully. the car will not shift out of second even if manually shifted to first.

02-03-11, 11:24 PM
I will leave the technical imput to those Forums members who are more knowledgeable. But let me welcome you to the Forums and hope that you find the answers to your Cadillac problems here!

02-04-11, 02:12 AM
Welcome to the forums. Check the technical sections for answers to your problem. Hope it gets solved quick and easy!

02-04-11, 11:50 AM
Sounds like shift solenoids. Pull the DTC's.

I'll have this moved to the Deville forum.

02-04-11, 12:04 PM
yup... shift solenoid upgrade w/ the bracket is probably what's in order

02-05-11, 09:31 PM