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02-03-11, 03:34 PM
IM POSTING TH IS AGAIN BECAUSE they have an advertisment over my post and you cant freeking read it........cant anyone tell me where the oil filter is exactly on a 1999 catera???????? and also is this little pan right under the engine the oil pan? it looks more like a tranny tray its flat and small and it has about a quarter sized bolt in it with one of htose star shaped heads to unscrew it???? I dont know I went to get a filter from napa and the guy tried giving me one of those dry filters for a canister but in my owners manual it saya it is a screw on and I need to know which it is before I get started but I CANT EVEN FIND THE FILTER TO GET STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!! I never been so ticked off I had this thing jacked up and I have never in my life not been able to find a filter...this is too much I need someone to tell me where this hting is........thanks and I know your not supposed to put the same message in twice but if you cant see the thing Im doing it anyway.......thanks I am going to come back to this hting every hour I need to get this work done.....Kev

02-03-11, 03:51 PM
take it to monro muffler.. $25 and problem solved..! is all the frustration worht $10?

Sorry i dont know where mine is.. I just take it in... so not worth it to jack the car up to save $10. There is a shroud under the front of the car u need to remove I belive.

02-05-11, 12:06 AM
I replied in your other thread, I can read it fine.