: nagging thoughts

02-03-11, 08:36 AM
I recently made a thread about getting some work done to my V.

I had a local shop install my UUC engine mounts before I went to Lindsay. They didnt install them with the OEM heat shields... I didnt know to ask for this.

Is anyone running the UUC mounts without heat shields?

If so have you noticed any problems?

Does anyone make aftermarket shields if I want to be safe...

The more I think about this more I fidget over it and I just want to make sure my car is going to be safe.


02-03-11, 09:46 AM
I think you can still tape or wrap the affecting areas and be safe...

02-03-11, 09:56 AM
I went through the same thing with aftermarket mounts and they melted, but I think these UUCs are made of a bit tougher poly. Like bigjim noted I would add something asap.

I want to say I've seen (on the other forum I think) where someone went sans shields with UUCs but ill have to find the pics I saved.

On a sidenote, what mounts did you have prior and what are your driving impressions of the UUCs? Did you take any pics of them prior to install?.. X-ray perhaps?

02-03-11, 10:22 AM
I was thinking of putting some header wrap on them.

As for the mounts I had before they were OEM - They were blown and the car shook like a diesel on start up and shut down. Now its fine. A little shimmer on shutdown but not much.

I have already done 3hr drive up and back Lindsay with them - After the 3hr drive they looked fine ...but Im paranoid so Im going to have to do something.

They are bright yellow and I didnt take any pics before or after but when I wrap them I will. So far I love the UUC mounts I have. The diff mount is awesome I get no clunk at all on shifting even hard under throttle shifting is fine. I thought I would still get the drive shaft clunk when I let off the gas and on again at around 60mph but its so faint now. The car to me finally rides like a caddy should.