: smoke from exhaust after shutdown, ok I guess I'll take it in now.

02-02-11, 11:34 PM
corresponds to "abnormal exhaust reading left cylinder bank" trouble code. scheduled for a checkup on Friday at local Chevy dealership

smells like electrical components and sulfur

"the warranty on the cats is 8 and 8; 8 years and 80,000 miles"

they want me to drop it off between 7 and 9 am and pick it up before closing... yeah right. I'm not leaving them with my car. i'm staying while they check. I will take leave if I have to.

02-03-11, 03:13 PM
I went in today, because I can't make my appointment tomorrow morning...
we happened to get released early, and I was still in uniform.
it was empty but they said they couldn't see me. the service dept clerk looked
like my car salesman, which kind of bothered me. Black leather jacket, didn't seem
at all the service type. He went into the back to talk to someone I couldn't see,
if anyone, and I'm not sure he was going to look out for my interests anyway.
he asked if i would like to reschedule, I said 'no, thank you'. There wasn't even
an offer to work something out schedule-wise, or anything. I know what a
willingness to help sounds like, and that wasn't it.

this was Connell Chevrolet in Killeen, TX.

02-03-11, 06:38 PM
Some dealers just suck. They're franchises, and just because you have enough money to own one doesn't mean you know squat about business ethics or how to treat a customer. This is why so many businesses fail even when its a good model.

02-04-11, 03:27 AM
snow day anyway.

btw, is it paranoid of me to be so suspicious of service people at dealerships (and not wanting to leave my car)


02-04-11, 09:15 AM
That's normal lol... but your gonna have to just find one you're comfortable with and leave her there.
I know my car comes back to me every time with something wrong; a scratch, rub mark, ding, grease prints all over the interior, cracked bumper, scored pillar, yada yada.
You just have to give it it a once over with the SA when you drop it off, similar to what they do with rentals. Reset the G meter, ask that only the shop foreman test drive it, tell them not to wash it, and pray for your V.

02-04-11, 12:53 PM
i'd sooner leave them with my wife.