: (97) P1700, P1705 trouble codes, #3 Fuse blows, cat refuses to use 1st gear

02-01-11, 05:51 PM
So i started my 97 cat and went to leave my parking lot when it suddenly and violentley shifted into 2ns gear and refused to use the first gear. At the same time i lost my turn signals. Got to work and checked my fuses and found #3 to be blown, and not having and other fuses with me i swapped the #21 fuse into the spot, not needing hi beam headlights at 4 pm, and it also blew within 5 seconds of the car going into drive.

I can get the car to use first gear by pulling the selector into 1 and moving it to 2 when needed, but other than that it wont use first at all. I really dont want to give up on her just yet, however , after 2 cam cover gasket leak caused fires, two blown head gaskets, and 4 new tires, im running out of money, time , and patients for her.

Also on an unrelated topic, the passenger side heated seat seems to have power to it, but doesnt get very warm, and the drivers side hasent worked in at least a year. No orange light or anything... So i pulled and reinserted number 20 fuse and the drivers side worked great, until i turned the switch off and it wouldnt come on again... Pulled the fuse again and the same thing happend... Now the wierd part is that removing the battery doesnt have the same effect :confused: ...? Any ideas on that?