: My Rock/Surf/Dance Band Needs Votes!

02-01-11, 09:38 AM
Hey guys, it's Josh from the RWD forum. Calling on my friends in the Cadillac community to vote for us in a local competition to win some free studio time, and other promotional goodies for our local rock band here in Nova Scotia, Canada. All the band's members are pretty classic car obsessed (especially big cars, and Cadillacs), so I thought you guys might feel compelled to help us out. Check out our little comedy-sketch video at devcombat.com. We're Alice Stops Time! You can vote once a day until the voting period is over and it would be appreciated! Thanks for your time, folks!

Again, the link is http://devcombat.com and we are Alice Stops Time!

We recently won another video submission contest and got to play for and meet Gene Simmons. Here's a link to that video if anyone is interested! It stars my '71 Buick Riviera boattail. You can watch it and see some of our other performances on youtube if you search for us.

For your additional viewing pleasure, "Riviera"