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01-31-11, 11:49 PM
Thank you for your reply Mr. Clark. My XLR is a 2005 with 33000 miles. According to the maintance history, the radiator has never been replaced. I do occasionally see a pudle of green water under the car. The overflow tank is only about half full. I only have about 4 months left on the extended warrenty. Is there anything else i can check or should i just take it to the dealer. Thanks for your advise.

02-01-11, 09:05 AM
With two months left on your warranty, this might be a good time to take advantage of it. The dealer can check the integrity of your cooling system and radiator. Puddles of radiator coolant can be a warning sign. If the radiator is starting to go, it will wait until the warranty expires and split a seam at the most inconvenient time. An ounce of prevention . . .

CC Clarke

04-21-11, 06:45 AM
the problem look intermittent. u might need a radiator replacement