View Full Version : 2004 light adjustment and odd shifting problems?

01-31-11, 11:00 PM
I've spend too much money on this v to continue to take it to the shop for (hopefully) insignificant problems.

my left light is a little lower, how can i break in and adjust it?

also, when downshifting (usually in 1st or second, more often in first) alot of times the shifter doesnt want to go into gear. usually when this happens i pull it back out and it goes in easily. sometimes it doesnt want to come out either. any ideas why this might be happening?

please help me out! i know someone knows something

02-01-11, 01:14 AM
the left side of the light is designed to be lower for oncomming traffic, its staggard on both lights, but there is an adjustment if you want to raise it, as far as the shifter, step one would be to bleed, or at least check the clutch fluid

02-01-11, 12:14 PM
Exactly what Roverguy7 said. The lights are designed lower on the left and actually have three levels from left to right. I would bleed the clutch and most likely your shifting issue will be resolved. The brake fluid absorbs water from the air, mysteriously disappears and absorbs clutch dust through the internal seal on the slave cylinder. All three of these things make it difficult to shift.

02-01-11, 01:09 PM
bleed your clutch, it will help you a lot - it helped me with similar problems.