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01-31-11, 03:53 PM
Searched for this, but didn't really get the answer I was looking for...although I'm sure it's out there. :leaving:

Looking at a 2007 CTS-v with over 50k miles. Just called a Caddy dealer for GMPP pricing and was told that it's ineligible for GMPP or other extended warranty due to 50k limit. However, the car is listed as Certified Pre-Owned.

Question 1: Is that accurate regarding the GMPP on a Cadillac with 50k+ miles...not eligible?

Question 2: My understanding is Cert PO = 6-year/100k miles. Does is offer the same coverage as GMPP? Based on the info at cadillac.com, it's a $0 deductible plan that covers quite a bit.

Thanks in advance!

DDS rollin a CTS
01-31-11, 04:09 PM
My understanding based on my current search for a V is that the original waranty is 5 years/50K miles. In order to be eligible for a certified pre-owned or extended waranty you have to get the extension while the car is still under its original waranty. Once that expires, you have to go with an aftermarket waranty if you want one.

01-31-11, 04:57 PM
I just contacted another dealer. Their finance manager said that despite 50k+ miles, I would be eligible for either GMPP or another warranty offered by MasterTech. Both were comparible in price, but also very expensive IMHO:

GMPP - 36-month/45k additional miles, $4,860 w/$100 deduct
MasterTech - 36-month/54k additional miles, $4,748 w/$100 deduct

Now I'm more confused than ever.

01-31-11, 05:08 PM
Original was 4 years/50k. An '07 also has a powertrain warranty that is 5 years/100k.

It is my understanding as well that a Certified car cannot qualify for GMPP once out of the original warranty. When my dad bought a used STS (still under new car warranty) he opted out of the certified status so that he could buy a longer GMPP warranty. They credited him some money for not certifying it, which he put towards the GMPP.

The coverage between the two should be similar. Be aware the certified warranty is from new, not from when you buy it. So 6 years from the in-service date of that '07, not 6 years from now. And when the odo hits 100k, not 100k from now.

My two cents, but I would be very hesitant to deal with an aftermarket warranty. Also, FWIW, I got a 4yr/40k $100 deductible GMPP on my car (was barely under new warranty) for like $1,500 or so. I think it was even less than that.

01-31-11, 06:28 PM

go to this site for a quote

01-31-11, 09:02 PM
I have a Zurich warranty on my 2006 V (I am about to go pickup in Denver), 3 years/36K miles, $100 ded, like $2,700 or so. Seemed like a good idea with my V only having 21K miles.

01-31-11, 11:00 PM
Thanks for the response, Aurora. I'm definitely aware of the duration and mileage periods. I called back to get clarification. It really sounds more like the 5 year/100k powertrain is what they're offering.

I'll check out GMoutlet.com. I'd prefer a GMPP since I've used that before on another car. But I'm still unclear as to whether or not I can even get an extended warranty after 50k miles. I'll post anything I find.

01-31-11, 11:27 PM
Dealers can do creative things when it comes to offering warranties such as backdating contracts. It pays to call around to many dealers as they are franchises and all are in different financial situations.

I have 60k right now and plan to check on extension prices. I have until march or april to decide. At 5k I'll probably forego the warranty and sandbag the money instead. I'm hoping to score one for 2k or less, for 3yrs 45k coverage with a $50 deductible..

02-01-11, 12:15 AM
Be patient. I would not want to own this car without a GMPP $0 ded. I have driven my 06 for going on 90,000 mile and still have warranty until sept 2011. I just got it out of the shop for trim and peeling nobs. I am working on my third "improved rear diff" $100 ded would have killed me. Dont pay for the warranty, get it free on a car that qualifies. Look for an 06 or 07 that was a late sale and has alot of time left, it will pay off if you keep your cars. I will keep mine to 120,000 to 150000. Screw the Stealership after it is out of warranty

02-01-11, 10:46 AM
Be patient. I would not want to own this car without a GMPP $0 ded.
$0 deductible was only available on '07+ models when I was buying my GMPP. I suspect that is still the case.

A Caddy certified warranty will have a $0 deductible I believe. It also depends on how you use/fix things, though. I wouldn't take the car to the dealer to fix a $20 thing, I'd just fix it. I'm also really easy on trim, etc. I'd driven our Aurora for 9 years and never chipped a thing, my wife has had it a few months and the radio buttons are chipping. It's not like she beats on it, it's just how it goes.

I wanted a warranty that would cover catastrophic stuff. The little stuff I prefer to fix anyway. Taking a car to the dealership is not exactly a painless experience, there is time involved and always a little risk.

02-01-11, 10:47 AM
I can echo the lower price/deductible combo. The warranty on mine was 36k / 3 year GMPP and was a little less than $1,500 bucks. My deductible is $50. I plan on extending it for as long as I have the car and my next renew point is at 64k miles.

02-01-11, 01:18 PM
i have an 07 and picked up a GMPP 3 yr/36k for $1400 with $100 deductible at the 47,000 mark.. that way im covered if anything at all goes wrong

02-05-11, 12:10 PM
That's a great price, Nate. I was just quoted $2k from the dealership where I bought the car for the exact same plan (3-year/36k, $100 ded...GMPP MajorGuard). Sounds reasonable. My car has 49k on it...nearly 50k.