: '90 Brougham Tow Capacity

09-28-04, 03:33 PM
(apologies I just posted this in the FWD section by mistake)

I am the proud new owner of a '90 Brougham (Maple Red, 5.7L & towing package)

After searching this site, the owners manual, and "google" I can't find the towing capacity for this car. Can somebody point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance for your help.

09-29-04, 12:05 AM
Denver, If it is the factory installed package there will be an option code listed on the options label specifically for the tow package.

My '94 has the package and has the code V4P, which specifies in the service manual, "Trailer Provisions, Not to Exceed 7,000 lbs."

Now, that usually means combined tow weight, but I can't find any reference in the manual that specifies. I had a class III hitch installed at a professional truck hitch shop in Manassas, Va. Those guys knew exactly what I needed based on the vehicle and tow package option code. They even told me which option codes to look for to ensure the package was installed.

I have never been too concerned about overweight towing, as I only needed to tow small U-Haul trailers. The most concern I have had is with keeping the verticle weight off the hitch. I forget the exact class III weight restruition, but I think it's about 500 lbs. I've always made sure the trailer load was balanced over the wheels to minimize the weight at the hitch.

I would think a good trailer hitch shop or the dealer service dept. would be able to help you out with the weight capacities, etc. I called a few RV dealers to get recommendations on hitch installers.

The factory installed electrical hookup is neat and sweet.

09-29-04, 10:21 AM
Thanks for the scoop...the car came with the window sticker showing the tow package, and is badged for the 5.7L engine. I'm hoping the fact that the car has only 50K means it has some towing life left!

I grew up in Manassas, and my folk still live there. Keep an eye out...I'm planning road trip back home soon.

Thanks again,

09-29-04, 01:02 PM

You should have plenty of service left in your Fltwd for towing. That's a great find for a '90 with such low mileage. If the vehicle never had a hitch installed you have nothing to worry about. I don't know why someone would remove a hitch to hide the fact the vehicle was previously used for towing. Unless the frame was refinished, it would be difficult to hide a previous hitch installation. My Fltwd. frame rails had to be drilled for the hitch installation. Bolt holes do not exist in the factory frame to accept a hitch.

My '94 had never been used for towing when I got it at 47K miles. I'm sure a lot of the tow packages are bought with the owner having good intentions of someday towing a camper, etc., but those plans never pan out.

There are a handfull of shops in NoVa. that specialize in hitch installation. I settled on the following:
Phone: (703) 257-1710

Send me an e-mail when you get this way. I'll try to get a picture of my setup and pass it along for reference.

Stan C.