: Help! Slight whistle noise when driving and loud rattle when turning the car off

01-30-11, 01:46 PM
I am not sure what is causing this issue but when i am driving I hear a constant whistling noise, almost like a quiet supercharger but more so like some metal slightly griding, seems to be coming from the transmission area and when turning the car off there is a loud rattle, 3-4 loud knock/click noises. Trying to pin point what this might be. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Any suggestions? Sometime when the car is idling you can hear a slight rattle coming from the transmission area as well. Thanks

Car is a 2005 CTS-v - Kooks/Magnaflow, PISSNUOFF shifter, CS motor/tranny mounts, lowered on H&R springs.

01-30-11, 03:00 PM
Stock dual mass flywheel? Could be pilot bearing, throwout bearing, or drive shaft carrier bearing as well with the whining. You can spray the drive shaft bearing to see if it temporarily stops the noise.

01-31-11, 02:35 AM
Yes stock flywheel and clutch

I am buying the LS7 clutch kit to swap out while i troubleshoot this issue.

Thanks for the reply. I will try to get some sound clips

01-31-11, 06:39 AM
Though your description seems focused on the area behind the motor, bad motor mounts will cause the motor to shudder upon shut down.