: Suppose I should say hi.

09-28-04, 03:16 PM
Greetings Caddy afficionados.

Recently found this forum while I was having issues with the rebuild on my '72 Eldo Convert engine. Wasn't sure about intros until I saw the section for it. Better late than never I guess.

I currently have 2 1/2 Caddys in various states of disrepair. My oldest is the '72 Eldo Convert that I am trying to get back on the road. She's been laid up for about 14 years so it will be nice to taker er for a spin again.

My 2nd is an '83 Seville. I am trying to sell that one. It is in decen shape. Needs complete brake lines though. Has a low milage 4100 and transmission though. Willing to let er go cheap. So if your in the market for a relatively fresh drivetrain for one of these, let me know.

My 1/2 is one of my own creations that I dub the Broncillac. I'll leave it to your imagination. I actually have a picture of myself by it so if I find it I will be posting in the picture part of the forum.

I also have a collection of other "stuff" that I am always tinkering with. This winters project is the tear down of my '69 Dodge Charger RT/SE. Complete resto in store for her. Hoping to have the engine back in the '72 before that though.

Well, thanks to those who replied without the intro. Those who like the intro, hope you will put your 2-cents in now that I've got it in.

Looking forward to chatting with you all.

'01 Broncillac
'83 Seville (for sale)
'72 Eldo Convert
other non-Caddy

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09-28-04, 09:47 PM
welcome to the forums. hope ya get that thing runnin, you let it sit for 14 years? ouch, no good. anyway :welcome:

09-29-04, 08:27 AM
Thanks for joining the forum! Broncillac? More info please, sounds interesting and very different! Goo luck with the RT love those too.

09-29-04, 08:32 AM
Thanks for the welcomes.

Yeah, I got the car in my first year of college and blew the head gasket a couple years later. Didn't have time to work on it at my parent's place and had no place to work on it in Madison. Also didn't have the money to have it fixed.

After college I lived overseas for 3 years and when I got back I got a job and saved up for a house. Now I finally have time, space, and some money to work on my projects so I am getting them done one piece at a time.

Can't wait to get that '72 up an runnin' again though. Had some real good times in that car. :lildevil: