: Lindsay Cadillac

01-29-11, 10:55 PM
Gets a Big thumbs up from me.:rock::thumb::thumb:

I have had a hard time with my V lately. I bought it while I was deployed and bought some parts for it down range.

UUC short throw w/ bushings
Suede V2 knob
Solid motor mounts
Trans mount
Diff mounts
Front Emblem
Center Console (this one gets funny)

While I was away my wife hit a deer at like 25 mph...so I get a new bumper/headlight and radiator.

I get back to the states and realize the car is leaking Rad fluid. Get that repaired on insurance. Boom! water pump goes - Get that fixed under extended warranty- 100 deductible.

Then I decide to finally get my mods done. Go back to same dealership. Start talking to them and they look at me like I'm speaking a diff language. So I say F that and find a local speed shop.

In the mean time I get a hair up my ass and want to do something on the car myself. I know - I'll do the center console arm rest. Well it goes good till I get to the star bolts. Well I don't have a T40 or bits like that so I threw the complete knowledge that I have that one should always use the right tool for the right job and try an allen wrench. Needless to say I stripped one of the bolts.

Then things don't go so well at the shop. Others hyped the place up as able to everything and having done a few CTS-Vs to boot...Well it was a lot of phone calls between me / them / luke at lindsay as well as me researching the forums for how to threads. They do alright by getting the short throw installed and the new suede knob. They also did well in finding that my trans mount with the short throw was causing it to hit 2nd and 4th on the drive shaft so they call Luke and he says it has been a problem on a few cars so he will simply refund me on the trans mount (I was impressed as I ordered it 7 months ago) The shop also discovered my axles seals were leaking and recommended I get the bushings done when I got the axles fixed under warranty. Not a bad idea.

Now the bad - The shop couldn't get the Hawk pads right on the car - kept clunking but still braking - Asked me what to do? I said just throw some autozone pads in there. They worked fine and also put brembo race brake fluid in it. Turns out with the hawk pads you need to run the OEM shims - They didn't know that...

The shop replaced the motor mounts but didn't install them with the OEM heat shielding. - Small thing but Mike at Lindsay thinks it should be ok.

So frustrated my car was worse off than expected and not a 100% yet and frustrated I wasn't getting the results I wanted in the local area I called Luke to see if they could get me in on Friday. He said "yes". I went to bed early and made the 3 1/2 hr drive up to Alexandria from Va Beach at 4am.

Upon arrival I was greeted by a friendly staff who supplied coffee and donuts.
The waiting area was decently comfortable. They have one computer to surf the web on and the lot is huge. VERY LARGE selection of Caddys, if you're looking to buy the place most likely has what you want.

I met Mike who was the mechanic who worked on my car. He took the time to take me under the caddy and show me as well as explain everything that was going on and how he was going to tackle my laundry list of things I wanted done.

I went to the parts department and finally met Luke who has been patient and informative anytime I have called and had questions or wanted to order something. He was just as professional in person. He also hooked me up with a piece of Cadillac swag which was nice considering the drive I had made. He also took back the trans mount and credited my card with no issue.

The car ended up staying overnight and I rented a hotel room. They managed to get me a rental comped on my extended warranty and tried to get as much work as they could covered under the warranty as well.

They completed the following -

*Front emblem replacement
*Bolt removal from center console
*Balance tires that were not properly balanced
*Fixed Coolant hose clamp added some rad fluid then performed a pressure test - I had them double check the previous dealers work and he found a small seeping leak was coming from one of the hoses
*Double checked the brakes and rotors
*Repaired axle seals
*Repaired diff tube
*Installed Diff bushings
*Completed multi point inspection of car and all fluids
*Washed and vacuumed it out

After this was done Mike stayed late on Sat when I got the keys to once again ensure all my concerns were met and told me if I have any problems or questions while in Germany to call and he will help out as best as he can.

Drove the car back today- Amazing! Drove like a Caddy should!- Had zero issues and all my rear end clunking is gone and felt 100% better knowing that the V is ready to be shipped.

So it is my recommendation that if you have any issues with your V and you can make it to Alexandria I feel your efforts will be well worth the trip.

Sometimes it's just best to go with the experts.

01-31-11, 01:16 AM
I also say in va beach, by newtown rd, but I have taken my car up there twice for my ls7 clutch and they rebuilt my trans. They are the best dealership Ive been to. I went to the dealership on Virginia Beach Blvd to ask about the ls7 clutch and they asked me why would I get a corvette clutch in a cts. Thats when I called Luke at Lindsay.

01-31-11, 07:55 AM
I think Robert worked on your car, perhaps Mike was your service advisor.
Thank you for the compliments though, it is always nice to hear from satisfied customers.

01-31-11, 08:23 AM
I think Robert worked on your car, perhaps Mike was your service advisor.
Thank you for the compliments though, it is always nice to hear from satisfied customers.

oops...my bad.

01-31-11, 09:39 AM
oops...my bad.

I thought he was talking to me, lol because Robert (very cool guy) did my clutch swap and I think Mike was my advisor, I only talked to Luke once, when I called to see if they had the clutch. All in all, I was also very satisfied with the work and customer service they provided, Lindsay is the only dealership I will take the V to, no matter if I do have to take a 3 1/2 hour drive.

02-01-11, 11:26 PM
Lindsay rocks, no doubt. All day, every day...

02-02-11, 06:51 AM

Thanks for your service and get out to a track day/H.P.D.E. sometime soon!

I have taken both my V's to Lindsay over the past 5 years for both warranty/non-warranty work and I have been more than satisfied every time. The guys are 1st class!

02-02-11, 03:56 PM
This is about the only good thing living here in Southern MD...less than an hour from Lindsay.

Luckily, I havent had an issue I couldn't fix myself, but if I do, I know where to go!

02-02-11, 11:00 PM
I drive 501 miles to go to Lindsay...