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01-29-11, 01:14 PM
ok i been looking at threads the last couple days here because we are working on a 98 catera due to major oil leak at the oil cooler banjo bolt seals

well we found the seals for those but could not locate the sealing washers for the water bridge bolts

the dealer wants 200 bucks for them as a kit only

so fail there...

i was then at a total loss and scratching my head.. until today.. after finding FJC-4062 and 12992647 part numbers for these... in which both lead directly to dead ends... even with napa interchange attempts

i finally went on the napa online site and searched for sealing washers myself..

and i got:
A/C Comp Manifold Sealing Washer
Product Line: NAPA Temp Products

and then called napa back again and had them look up ones that are 15.5mm ID, or close to it and it turns out they have a whole bunch of 15.2mm ID ones on the shelf

finally found them wow...

that was a major PITA..

these sealing washers are used on a/c compressors

hope this helps someone...

it sure was real fun figuring out...


now we can finally put this thing back together...

01-29-11, 02:03 PM
read up here http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-catera-cimarron-forum/210339-oil-my-coolant.html#post2361649

#12992647 $9.50 x4 (coolant cross-over seals - these are the ones that are only for 00-05 L-series and 03-04 vues and 03-04 cts -- on the catera they want you to buy a new cross-over design that comes with the seals but you can just get these seals) #40 in the 2nd illustration

01-29-11, 02:10 PM
oh, i see you updated your post.... and you found the correct part number too... nice

the kit is a whole new crossover with seals etc and that's why it's so expensive

01-29-11, 06:29 PM
yeah these GM numbers dont work for this '98 though.... and that kit for 200 bucks yeah i about fell off this chair when they told me that one... wow dumb..

the washer GM part number comes up as nothing at Napa and at our delaer here... no good at either place.....

it crosses over to nothing valid.,... so i dont know..

FJC-4062 is the other number but wont cross at Napa either

i had to totally find these washers from scratch with no valid numbers or anything else i didnt know know the proper name of these either...

but i got it figured out

the Napa 407275 in the TEM line are the ones that work great and are same size ID anyways

6 bucks for four of them


there is no other way to get these washers around here, in the same day anyways

anyways just posting this as an available and easy and cheap option and way to get these sealing washers locally and quickly

for those who have a dealer that is worthless and no other way to locally or quickly find any that work.

so you can look them up seperately without the kit, for a 2000?? but not for a 98??

wtf? really?


01-29-11, 07:16 PM
i think the part number i gave you may be a replacement seal for the new cross-over (in the kit that you don't want to buy) ... if you are certain that part number is not the same as on your original seals then this is probably the case ... i'm certain they have their reason(s) for the redesign

01-31-11, 08:24 PM
If you go to my post "Anti freeze leak. Need help" you maybe able to find some more information.