: 1998 Catera thats in trouble !!!! Need Advise !!!

01-28-11, 12:06 AM
okay the back story. i bought the car about a year ago. and have put maybe 200 miles on it. i bought the car to run to were my grandparents live. well the last time i drove the car ( 5 Months ago ) i started to get white smoke rolling out from under the hood. luckily it happened right as i pulled into the street i live on. so i drove it to the driveway. shut the car off and waited from the motor to cool off and hen went back out to see what was going on. i found oil in the coolant ( F#$%) blown head gasket right! WRONG !!!! Warped head!!!! so i have ( with a few friends ) pulled the whole top end of the motor apart . bought all new part. Over nighted headers from England. to fix the wrapping head problem as well as every thing else to put the car back together. now heres my problem. my wife is telling me to scrap the car and buy a new one. OH OH Oh and the day i cranked it to drive it home it started reaved to 1000 rpm and the shut off. it did that to me 5 times before i called my local repair guy who replace the crank sensor for me just to drive it home. so i have about 2000 in parts sitting here. and a car i only paid 1000 for. what do i do?????

01-28-11, 06:44 PM
Its an OLD car. put it bac together and sell it for $1500 and chalk it up.. unless your willing to invest some moeny on an ongoig basis.

To be honest.. for that price on parts .. you should have thought about it more.. you can get a replacement motor for way less. I am a fan of used parts.. most will allow u to get a 6 month warranty for a couple hundred more.. so a used motor would have been like $1500 and you would have had a gurantee.

But since you are where you are.. I say fix and sell..

It seems odd that you would invest that kinda money into something you never even drive anyway.. just seems odd.. Its like my firebird.. I only drive it 3 months out of the year.. if it needed $2000 in repairs.. i would just sell it and add the $2000 into my pocket.

01-28-11, 07:34 PM
Well i tend to baby my cars. i also have a 300 zx twin turbo that has a ton of work done to it a i have only put 65000 since i bought it brand new in 1995. so it not that unusual for me. i bought the catera because what it really is. the Opal Omega. I had a Opel calibra while i was stationed in Germany and just fell in love with the car.

03-03-11, 06:14 AM
hey do u wanna sell parts let me know have same year iam in canada and its an american car runs other than heat problem the thing r