: 2000 De Ville questions...

01-27-11, 02:25 PM
I was getting a new sound system installed in my car and I was trying to help out a little. I wa removing the door panels so I could get to the door speakers, but in doing so I broke the clips at the bottom of the door panel. Now the door panel isn't fully attached to the door. How do I go about fixing this? Do I need to get a new door panel all together or is it fixable? If it needs to be replaced, where would I get one from?

01-27-11, 05:57 PM
Something similar to this elsewhere..........take a look in www.gmpartsgiant.com, get to your car, system/location, and open the parts lists. At the top of each page is a tab "Further Info" ? - that will take you to numbered parts diagrams.

Get an idea of what you need and look on the Help! racks at large parts stores or find a Fastenal store locally.

If all else fails, call Chris at RippyPartsDept or Luke in Parts at Lindsay Cadillac, both up in the Vendors ^^^ threads.

01-27-11, 08:59 PM