: Rough week so far(while not that bad)

09-28-04, 07:47 AM
Campared to the people who got hit by the hurricanes this will be petty.
Closed the pool yesterday and it is always sad to close it, and the hot tub controler burned up :eek: Price to replace is anywhere for $900 to $1500.
What do you do? Replace the spa pack or get a brand new tub. It is almost 10 years old, 6 person tub. If I get a new it will be small since the kids have moved.3 person tub would be fine.

Also have send my laptop back today to IBM . The corner of the case is knocked off, how it happen I do not know.The warrenty is up in a month,good thing I got the 3 year warrenty.
The worst thing will be the 1000 of new threads to look over when it comes back, it could drive me to :drinker

09-29-04, 12:17 AM
Count your blessings and you shall see these things are truly small.