View Full Version : Need Help with two issues.. Rear shock replacement and front wheel hub assy's

01-27-11, 07:15 AM
I am tackling these two issues this weekend. Can anyone help me with write ups on how to do these and tips? Does anyone have reccomendations for affordable and good parts? Which shocks should I go with and what Wheel hub assys. I am assuming I shouldn't cheap out on the wheel hub assys and I should try to find an affordable option instead of the air shocks? Any help would be appreciated. While I am doing all this should I do anything else that can be replaced. Thanks guys

01-28-11, 03:42 PM
ever done a FWD hub before? if you have, than no point in offering advice. if not, than make sure you have proper tools. large 34mm socket? hub is almost always rusted too knuckle. and splined axle shaft seizes in hub. a puller helps to force axle out. any brand hub is ok. aftermarket may not last as long as name brand but most come with warranty.