: Need good reference pics '94/'94 Fleetwood

09-28-04, 06:10 AM
Hi there,

My name is Jeroen de Vries aka Jevries and I'm a modelcar builder.
You can check out my work at: http://www.jevries.com and on the cover of Lowrider Bicycle magazine.
At this point only the video section is up but this will change soon.

Currently I'm in the progress of building an RC 1:6 Cadillac Fleetwood make '94 or '95. I found someone that does an excellent job at carving wooden molds to make finally make the lexan body. What I really need are good reference pitures.
I've collected ot's of pics on the internet already but most of them have not the right angle or are shot in wide angle mode.

I really, really would appreciate if someone could take 3 pics: one shot at the side of the car taken with the camera slightly zoomed in taken as close in the middle of the car as possible.(this prevents distortion), one of the front and one of the rear of the car.
Ofcourse the one that can help me out is garantied to receive a copy of the 1:6 version of the car made of clear lexan.
I really hope someone can help me out before the middle of october because my projects are going out by then.
Thank you for reading!

Best Regards, Jevries.

09-28-04, 08:25 AM
Would you accept pics of a 96 Fleetwood?

09-28-04, 09:36 AM
Let me know when models are available. I recently bought one 1:18 from a guy in Midwest. He tried, but it looked like one side is twisted. Better than nothing though.

PS: You might want to copy a 95 or 96, since they have the more desirable outside door mirrors.

09-28-04, 11:52 AM
Would you accept pics of a 96 Fleetwood?

I say: I do accept pics of the '96 model!! No problem!
Please email me when you have good and large pics and we will work out the 1:6 lexan (clear) body deal OK?

The 1:6 body can be mounted on 1:6 on the newer toy RC chassis' and I try to get as much detail as possible with the technique being used and hopefully it will result in a killer modelcar to cruise with. :)

Email address: jevries@jevries.com

09-28-04, 02:26 PM
I have a few pictures here. Linky (http://www.cardomain.com/memberpage/542531)

Let me know when you are done. I would probably be interested in buying a body from you if you get it to work. Let me know. :bouncy:

09-29-04, 12:14 AM
Craig, I get all weepy eyed just look'n at your car. Man, I like that color. Is that "Frost Beige"?

09-29-04, 12:20 AM
Jevries, I have a '94 if you still want pictures of that year. That's the model with the door mirrors mounted in their proper location. ;-)

Let me know; the weather has been crappy with rain from the hurricane remnants, but I could get some pics. taken by the weekend.

09-29-04, 02:50 AM
I will first wait for the pics Shadow can provide me with. I need the pics within a week so hopefully you can manage that.
Thanx Revoh for the link, I already got the pics of your beautifull car.
Scurling, thanx, I will contact you when I need extra pics OK?

09-29-04, 05:17 AM
I'll give you upto $100 maybe even 200 if you can duplicate my car in the following photos http://www.cardomain.com/member_pages/view_page.pl?page_id=665178&cat=25&val=1
let me know when it's done.

Good day

Let me know by email your progress at ocjmakaveli@hotmail.com

09-29-04, 12:32 PM
I'm only going to duplicate the Fleetwood '95 or '96 model. Bu maybe you have a friend who can do the painting and detailing that is when the body is finished and that will take a while.
I'm hoping to get the first results anywhere in january...I'll keep you posted no problem. :)

10-05-04, 09:18 AM
Hi there, I didn't receive an email or pics from shadow up till now and I'm a bit in a hurry to get the things done so if your able to get the pics I need please let me know OK?
Email address: jevries@jevries.com


10-05-04, 01:37 PM
Jevries, I'll take those pics today for ya, I'll e-mail them tomorrow though, I gotta go to work...

10-06-04, 02:49 AM
Thanx man! Really appreciate it! :)

10-06-04, 10:02 AM
Sorry, didnt see the email address. Sending them now.

10-06-04, 10:18 AM
And having some problems with my email server... If they don't make it by noon, message me through AiM. ShadowLvr400

10-06-04, 12:15 PM
Ok, I have to install AIM first....I will do that right now. Thanx! :thumbsup:

Ok, I have installed AIM my screenname is jevries hope you can find me! :)

10-06-04, 12:48 PM
Jevries... You Got Mail!

10-06-04, 03:46 PM
There ya go man, finally got them all sent to you. If you need more, msg or email me.

10-06-04, 03:59 PM
Thank you all for the pics! Appreciate the work you've put into.
I have your email addys and I wil let you know if the results are okay when I get the mold. You will receive a 1:6 lexan copy of the car when it's finished...hopefully somewhere in january.

Greets, Jevries.

10-06-04, 08:02 PM
hey man, what company are you working for? i want one. January you say, where could i pick one up? or could i order one?

10-10-04, 05:53 AM
I have my own small company and in my sparetime I work on modelcar caftermarket products mostly lowrider related stuff.
Check out my website for some more info. It is however under heavy construction but the video section is open.

10-11-04, 07:08 PM
If you need any more pictures, I have a few of a 95 in my signature...

10-11-04, 07:46 PM
Where were you three months ago??? Before I bought my second Ftwd. I had to settle for a non-Brougham model. My wife misses the heated seats.

Hey, you car is sure clean. I don't think you will have a problem finding a buyer. I'd love to buy your car for my parents, but they hung up their keys a couple of years ago.