View Full Version : HVAC Churning Noise in Dash

01-26-11, 05:13 PM
For all those SRX owners who have written in, including myself, about hearing a churing noise in the dash by the vents, there is a easy fix.

Some dealers have said it is the hard drive or other ridiculous things.

I went round and round with my service manager until I finally got him to hear it.

It only does in in Auto ventilation mode when the vent motor acutator was trying to maintain temps. When it is very cold out or very hot, it does not do it because the heat or AC is on full, no modulating of the motor.

We simulated this at the dealership by putting the HVAC in Auto and changing the temp all the way up and down. The service manager finally heard it consistently.

He ordered a new actuator and was going to have to take the dash apart.

He then told me there was a bulletin out for this fix telling dealers not to take the dash apart.
They simply reprogram the actuator, somehow.

All I know is they did this and it does not churn anymore.

Hope this helps alot of you because the churing noise was making me nuts in the warmer weather.

Smokin' SRX
01-26-11, 08:33 PM
Great news! My 03 Yukon had a similar problem and it was the actuator also. I forgot all about it till I read your story.

Thx for sharing.