: Jake i hope you are still here and have not left Thank you Jake for all you do

01-26-11, 04:06 PM
Hey Jake i tried to send this to your PM but its full again
so i thout id just post it out here where everyone could see it and all
I hope you havent left the forum or resigned like you had wanted to please stay dont go

Hey jake id ask how you are doing but from reading the forums and all that was going on i understands it not going so great
but i wanted to say i hope things ship up for you soon

just turning 4k on the new block and studs and its running great all aside from not much heat since the heater core is f--cked up lol
but engine is runnign great i get complimants all the time when ever she sin the shop evyerone says she runs like shes brand new i said well thats because of the new block and studs

they said what studs ? and block you mean used
i said nope new and yes studs i have told them about You and North Star performance and i know there are a few dealers that when they need parts like new blcoks they will most likly be contacting you so please stay in business don't leave the forum because of some jack ass that was being a jerk

we need you we like you and we know you like us or atleast some of us

01-26-11, 07:14 PM
Thanks Pup. I think from now on I will have to divert my attention away from the forums and focus on work and the business and stuff. I have a lot of decisions to make in the next two weeks. Northstar Performance has become my life and it is the only good thing going for me. If it goes down; so do I. If I shut down I have nothing to pay my mortgage with so there is only one option, no matter how hard things get, keep going. Just when you get hit from all sides sometimes things begin to look dim.

I have to make sure the business remains my passion and that I don't lose my love for turning wrenches and designing stuff. I will be taking Jim's (Sub's) advice. Sunday will from now on be a day of rest.

01-26-11, 07:27 PM
Jake, Your mailbox is full again. Jim

01-26-11, 07:56 PM
It's been reduced to 10 msgs max from 200. I guess I owe Sal some more $$?

01-26-11, 08:37 PM
PM box cleared.

01-26-11, 09:06 PM
yup jake take that sunday advice from Jim relax have a good day to rest do things for yourselve work on your own cars go fishing go for a nnice drive do your own stuff dont do work stuff but rest and relax

01-26-11, 09:07 PM
plus you got stick around if Northstar performance is no more or ever comes to not exsist who will i visit when i am allowed back into canada lol was gona come see your shop ones i get this damm governmental boarder thing under control lol

01-26-11, 09:11 PM
another vote for 'stay! don't go'

do what you've got to do to keep an even keel - we're here for you if you need anything (and you know that, right?)

01-26-11, 09:25 PM
So long as myself and some of my customers do not piss you guys off I'll be around- but only so long as I can somehow make a positive difference here on the forums. Lately there's been a lot of B.S. and I don't mean to put you guys through it all.

01-26-11, 09:37 PM
:cheers: here you go jake sit and chill a bit

01-26-11, 09:38 PM
and also next time you drive threw Chicago or somewhere with in 6 or 7 hours of Cleveland and its on the amercan side of the baorder let me know damm i would have driven out to Chicago to meet you when you stoped at rangers man