View Full Version : Newbe question after 9 months of ownership

01-26-11, 09:13 AM
Well I've had my V for about 9 months now and it's generally been pretty good. I put Hankook W300 Icebear tires on for the winter and threw about 140lbs of sand in the back which seem to help a lot. I also did the gforce passanger side rear axle upgrade. So far I really like the car. That said I have two issues that I was wondering if anyone has any insite into.

The first is that since the day I bought it I noticed that when it's wet out my first stop is always hard like I have no brake assist. After that everything is fine. I've checked the fluid level and no lights come on when it happens. It's just a bit weird. I've taken to stopping once as I leave the parking lot where I am when it is wet to just get the hard stop out of the way.

The second is more recent. On the last two snowy days I've got the service stability system warrning as well as the TC and ABS light. The car doesn't grab weird or try to brake or anything I can tell, it runs fine, but the light stays on until I shut down and start again then it doesn't happen until the next day when there is snow on the roads (what is weird is that it can be wet with out issue, and I can slip a bit and it works fine with no warrning, but drive 20 min on a slippery road and it seems to come on). I figure it is probably a wheel speed sensor (i'll probably get it diagnosed when I have an extra $100 to burn) if that is the case has anyone had good luck with after market hubs? They are a lot cheaper.

If anyone has a solution or similar issues and have a guess at the cause I would like to hear it. Thanks.