View Full Version : 2010 SRX randomly goes dead overnight

01-25-11, 10:20 PM
My fiance bought an 2010 SRX a while back with only 20,000 miles that was a gm executive vehicle. Long story short, it intermittently goes dead at night. It is not consistent on when it does it. What i have noticed is that if the radio doesn't work (another problem) and you shut it off that way at night, it will be virtually dead the next morning. Meaning that using the remote to start it, it will crank for a half of a second then the horn will start honking. When you get in and try the push button it says no remote detected (meaning the battery is dead). There has to be a direct correlation with the radio not working then shutting it off that makes it go dead since both seem to happen in order. The dealer in Springfield IL has seen it several times already and has done a recall or service bulletin by re-flashing or re-programming it for the problem we are having. They also paid for a new battery. But, it hasn't fixed it and they just keep saying they can't find a problem. I work in the heavy duty truck field at a Freightliner dealer. I can say when we get a problem like this we get a rep involved immediately. Taking into account that we have already drained all of our resources. What pisses me off about the car world is that they like to fix easy things, throw parts on, and kick it out the door. As of this morning i had her drop it off and tell them not to give it back until it is fixed. I read an old thread that said something about the fuse box problem. Any other newer fixes for this since that thread is about a year old? Brian

01-26-11, 07:16 AM
Probably one of two things. Either a bad battery cable or more likely a bad ground or short somewhere in the system. Takes some perserverance to find, but there are only so many things that result in a dead battery every morning.

Smokin' SRX
01-26-11, 03:59 PM
I read somewhere (on another GM forum perhaps?) that the Nav radios had issues with killing batts. Maybe pull the radio/nav fuse when it happens ("radio doesn't work") and if that "cures" it demand a new radio/nav. You may also change Dealers or if that is very inconvenient, demand a factory rep get involved.

You paid a good buck for this car and it's still under the 48 mo/50K mile Bumper to Bumper I'm sure. Some Dealers are real idiots. Glad you told them to keep it! Remember ....."Factory Rep" !


01-26-11, 10:47 PM
Ok thanks Smokin'. That is the kind of answer I am looking for. Since it is still under warranty and all, i see no reason for me to find time to figure it out. Saying there are only so many things that can drain a battery is a fair statement, but not on a 2010 cadillac.:histeric: