: What Car Ramps?

01-25-11, 06:22 PM
Just wondering what kinda car ramps you guys are all using? i need to purchase a set so i can do my new short shifter, also so i can do my own oil changes. my suspension is stock so idk if i need low profile ramps for this car or whatever? ive always owned trucks im not used to this annoyance lol

01-25-11, 06:25 PM
I use RhinoRamps and never had a problem.

01-25-11, 06:28 PM
Yep, love my RhinoRamps

01-25-11, 06:39 PM
where did you guys get them and how much were they??

01-25-11, 06:52 PM
Race Ramps, lots of different configurations, models, etc... www.raceramps.com

01-25-11, 07:05 PM
wow those ramps are pretty expensive......

01-25-11, 07:28 PM
I think I got my rhino ramps from advanced auto parts for like 30 bucks on sale. They were the 12k lbs version. Now I think they want $45.

01-25-11, 07:50 PM
thats not too bad il have to check out my local store and see what they got, thanks dude

01-25-11, 11:16 PM
i built a set years ago to handle a semi, never used them because i have always had lifted trucks, they sure come in handy with the v!

01-26-11, 10:05 AM
I also use Rhino ramps...bought mine at Autozone.

01-26-11, 11:09 AM
rhino ramps, bought at amazon, work well.

01-26-11, 07:11 PM
will be purchasing some rhino ramps! thanks guys!

01-26-11, 07:34 PM
Rhino Ramps, and I use a 2x6 + plywood that I made and needed to get my lowered on coilovers '01.5 Audi A4 onto them so that the bumper cover didn't hit before starting to climb up them. V doesn't seem to need it, but it will rub that lower rubber lip thingy. I'm just overly cautious with the V's painted aero bumper cover.

01-27-11, 01:01 PM
Anyone with a lowered V use Rhino ramps? I have H&R.