: Has anyone done a performance chip?

09-27-04, 08:46 PM
I saw pro tech offers a pro chip that is said to give more HP and more tranny line pressure etc.... has anyone ever gotten thier chip??? does it work or is it garbage??
also thier pro shift recalibration kit??? any ideas of how this works..good or bad??

last but not least whats a pressure boost valve, i see a place selling one for the 4T80E....any thoughts??


Night Wolf
09-27-04, 10:54 PM
I can't say anything about the hp....

...but the 4T80 is electronically controlled... meaning under WOT, it'll shift hard, part throttle, it'll shift softer.... what that chip will do by "increasing line pressure" is fool the tranny into shifting hard... all the time... so it would shift as if ran wide open... but it woudln't be... it would get annoying I would think... make the ride not as nice, and not really do much for performance, since when ran wide open, it woudl automaticlaly do the same thing...

... I am pretty sure the chip is also for OBD I only.... anything up to, and including 1995...

09-27-04, 11:02 PM
geez, i guess all thats left is a ported throttle body. ugh!!! even my friends told me the gains wouldnt even be noticeable or worth the expense. well ill still save up for the corsa exhaust to get that awesome V8 sound, and my BF said something about able to extrude the stock manifolds. i guess ill see.

09-30-04, 03:56 PM
I don't think you can extrude hone the stock exhaust manifolds because they are double walled steel manifolds, not cast iron. A chip may generate some performance increase.


09-30-04, 08:05 PM
Hmmm. well maybe they can be just ported where they get bolted up, sorta cleaned up so air can flow smoother?? that and my BF found full heads with the cams and valves etc...both of them for 265 bucks, and he wants to port them for me. although some members i think said the gains r minimal, anything will help. as long as i get about 320-330Hp id be happy. as long as i beat most of those stupid ricers, haha

09-30-04, 11:10 PM
Actually....extrudehoning works extremely well on the dual wall stainless steel stock exhaust manifolds. Extrudehoning is usually thought of as a means of cleaning up and polishing castings but is was actually developed originally as a way of deburring sheet metal parts just like the rough edges in the welded up stainless steel manifolds. If you want to spend the bucks to have it done extrudehoning the stock manifolds would be an excellent thing to do. Probably not a LOT of HP there but it would give you 5-10 maybe combined with a low backpressure exhaust system.

09-30-04, 11:34 PM
Hey Bob. thanx for the reply. this is bf whos been fiddling with her car since shes gotten it.... can a dremel tool be used to clean up the manifolds instead of the expense of having it extrudehoned???if so then maybe ill tkae the time to actually unbo,lt the suckers. i dont mind the little HP gains...i enjoy doing it b.c im getting bored with my regal. little BS mods can help this N*. i just want her to gain a cool 20-30 hp and id be happy.

also...what can be done to the cylinder heads as far as porting them? ...just doing the porting and cleaning it up a little with stainless steel valves... and eevrything else left alone, guides etc...not touching the cams??? i have a pair of N* heads i can buy from a junkyard for 200 bucks, so whats to expect for gains...and damn it will be a lot of work...haha.

last but not least. i know the Tb can be ported. it seems the plate and shaft is where the work needs to be done, but its pretty straight thru already, maybe ill get it to 79mm. little better flow, and match port it.

can the intake manifold be ported as well?

now after doing all this how will the car be as far as throwing codes?? heads, manifolds and Tb porting...would i expect to see a engine code, from the PCm not registering the new airflow gains??

thanx bob or whomever else can help.