: To V or not to V - Part Deux

01-25-11, 02:13 PM
I was on here a couple months ago asking my fellow Cadillac owners if I should buy a Gen 1 V or a BMW 550...Obviously the feedback was overwhelmingly in favor of the V....

Well, after driving 6 V's, 3 BMW 550's, and then most recently 4 of these Mercedes C350 cars....I went with the car pictured, a 2008 C350 with the AMG sport package - Don't kill me yet, for starters, I did keep my 3.6 CTS in the family, and to be honest, I just could not stay away from the German interior amenities/quality fit and finish, ride comfort, and rediculous handling...It is not as quick as a V of course, but it is F'in fast...(and only 23K miles and full CPO warranty til April, 2013.

I will post more pics once I figure out how to empty my attachments, it is saying I maxed my storage? (any help would be great)

Couple things:
- I will stay a member on here as I still have my CTS and you guys are a wealth of knowledge and really helpful..
- If anyone is looking for a V, there is a 2005 Platinum with 44K miles in Concord NH - search on autotrader, for $22K - Hands down the cleanest, nicest, one owner car I saw while searching..
- My wife promised me (yeah - I am whupped) I can get a vette when I turn 50, only a fews years away, so I will have my LS power and sound at some point..:cool2:

01-25-11, 03:04 PM
Looks real nice man... like the color.

01-25-11, 03:12 PM
Hmm...not a big fan.