: Superchargers

01-25-11, 06:31 AM
Hi all
I thought I would try my luck over here on this part of the forums. I posted this in the STS-V area and got lots of tire kickers but very few serious interested parties.

There were some recent questions / interest from members and so as not to reconstitute a 12 page previous thread and make everyone read through that, I thought I would start another. I still have superchargers left for sale. They are new units that are direct replacements for the blowers on the STS and XLR V series Northstar engines. They are unmolested OEM parts as stock replacements with no modifications letting the end user decide the modifications desired.

Lifted from the other 12 page thread for those that missed it:

“Suggested retail is over $3000 for these units and I believe places like GM parts direct and GM parts place sell them for around $2700 plus shipping if you can get them, and we all know how the “stealerships” treat us. I can sell these for $1250.00 to forum members with shipping costs depending on the buyer’s location.”
You can PM me or contact via e-mail (ucsolutions@sbcglobal.net) if you have any further questions. I have pictures on my album so check um out.
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